Monday, June 06, 2016

Clear! Spirit Communication from the Other Side

This just came out - an amazing demonstration of spirit communication, using the New Wonder Box mini created by Steve Huff of

The inventor, Steve Huff's thoughts:

"It just does not get any better than this in June of 2016 for true spirit communication (IMO and for ME). This is the new, 100% completed and tweaked WONDER BOX MINI. It is a tool I created after the original Portal, as it is an enhancement to the Portal.

Clearer sound. Clearer replies. No more muffled sound. Reverse modes. Direct Line mode that for me, seemingly creates a “direct line” to the other side.

The best thing is, I am going to show EVERYONE how to make one for those researchers who want a serious powerful spirit communication device.

From time to time I will offer ONE for sale that was made, painted, customized by me but they will be few and far between. I’d rather show all how to make them as I do not have time to make them on a non stop basis.

This Wonder Box Mini will enhance ANY spirit communication tool or take any audio source, even cat meows, and allow spirits to change it and speak. It’s an incredible, amazing and almost unbelievable thing but it is 100% real."

Read more at Steve's site:

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