Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Answers from the Akashic Records - Baptism, Cremation, Death, Fear, Reincarnation, and more

January 5, 2016

Never before heard answers from the Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose and Ahonu on Baptism, Cremation, Death, Fear, Forgiveness, Morgellons, Mushrooms, Reincarnation, Self Mastery, Terrorism.

Aingeal's and Ahonu's Products and Services can be found at their website WorldofEmpowerment.com

Aingeal's books include:

  • Twin Flames & Soul Mates - - How to tell if you are Dating, Married to, or in Love with your Spiritual Twin Flame or Soulmate.

  • The Nature of Reality: Akashic Guidance for Understanding Life and Its Purpose

  • Never Before-Heard Answers from the Akashic Records - - Chemtrails, Drugs, EMFs, Entities, Healing, Paradise Earth, Pulsing, Suicide and Time

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