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Astrology News - April 15, 2015 - by Astrologer Philip Sedgwick

A Pattern of Progress ~ 15 April 2015

It’s tax day here in the U.S. of A. Since many grumble about the concept of taxation, here are some astrological details that may replace taxing thoughts with ideas that might stimulate curiosity and clear the mind. And later in the post, details about an astrological signature that can increase a person’s profitability... and of course impact a person’s tax status next year.

First, I want to know what astrologer Hilary Clinton uses. This past Sunday, the former Secretary of State/First Lady announced her candidacy for President of the United States during an alignment between Eris and the Sun that was virtually exact. Perfect! The Sun brought conscious attention and illumination to Erisian issues, such as exclusion. The use of the Sun-Eris is perfect for the launch of a campaign for the first woman president.

In parallel themes, the minor planet body 316201 recently received the name Malala. This asteroid took a name in honor of Malala Yousafzai. Malala is a Pakistani girl shot in the head by the Taliban because she was on a bus going to school in a country where archaic religious doctrine (or at least how it is interpreted) forbids girls from garnering an education. Healed from her wounds, Malala is now taking on the world regarding the need for education for all and is doing so with remarkable insight, diplomacy and grace. This naming - or the announcement of it - is another link to the recent Sun-Eris connection, still in orb.

Astronomers recently reported that Mars “weeps.” Well, sort of weeps. Evidently, salty waters lie below the surface of the red planet that due to humidity, dew points and all that weather on Mars jazz, form puddles on the planet during its night. If the water was not salty - desalinization is costly and fossil fuel consuming - no doubt California would go for annexation. How to interpret this Martian detail other than Hollywood should do a new batch of sci-fi movies involving Mars? Perhaps behind each of those annoying impulsive acts initiated by Mars, there is a glimmer of emotional motivation, possibly based upon a primal reaction of being told “no” while in a formative action-adventure-explore mode... something Mars types likely heard a lot during their first Mars return.

Finally in new tidbits, the first color image of Pluto came into New Horizon’s mission control. The planet known for off color underpinnings now appears in living color. Should we expect a shift in response from Pluto or to natal Pluto? Color us curious.

Now onto the pattern of progress. Jupiter is now direct, and in his directness, moving toward a square to Saturn in fixed sign slots. On August 3rd at 28 degrees of Leo and Scorpio, respectively, Jupiter and Saturn tango through this tense aspect; one last hurrah for the fixed signs.

Let’s review some basic astrology:

Jupiter expands, amplifies and embellishes everything he touches. When in Leo he can be forward, bold, even bombastic.

Saturn contracts, urges caution, demands hard work and discipline, and appreciates a well-organized and perfectly executed schedule. In Scorpio, he is more concerned about return on the investment than normal, whether the investment be tangible money or intangible energy output.

A square is a tense angle, true. Tense angles get people off their arses and into action. Infinitely more gets done under a square than say a trine. Suffice it to say, the square agitates a body into action, overcomes emotional inertia and restores spirited fire in the belly.

Combining the above, consider that every surge of confident bravado felt since July of 2014 (Jupiter into Leo), and every passion project that stirred one's psyche into higher states of creative output since October of 2012 (Saturn into Scorpio) need output in August to ensure full manifestation of these passages.

When Saturn last entered Scorpio we existed under the fear-encrusted veil of the Mayan Calendar’s end, and with it... the end of the world (not!). Did that impact the initiation of life-changing, consciousness-shifting concepts? Was the development of Earth-saving, life improvement creating products shunted? Who knows? Now the point is: no matter what, no matter when, no matter how, get all those things that you know you must be done in motion.

This is one of those aspects that if well applied, minimizes regret ala “should have, could have.”

This is one of those aspects that if well applied, obtains more fantastic results than could have been imagined at the goal-setting, dream-boarding moments.

This is one of those aspects that if well applied, will be more than worth the effort spent, resources consumed and time required. In fact, relief lies in the accomplishments of a well applied Jupiter-Saturn square Leo to Scorpio... and you can take that to the bank!

Okay, so this aspect is what... a little more than three and a half months away? Ho hum. Ho hum, indeed. Overnight successes are never overnight. Action agendas take time to implement. Here’s another important astrological factoid: when major transits occur involving Jupiter and Saturn, you want to be reaping the harvest during those alignments. If you’re starting action at that time, you’ll likely need to wait for the next completion crest to culminate. As any good surfer dude/dudette boarding up on the salty, Martian-like waters of the Pacific Coast will tell you, “You gotta flow with the waves, man. You miss one, you gotta wait for the next good one.”

Be bold. In those moments when you’re feeling it, go for it. Hold nothing back. State your case while avoiding the urge to overstate. When heard, stop talking. Give time for review, assessment and contemplation by those hearing what you’ve laid out as an agenda. When an offer is made, when it’s the right offer, take it! “Hesitate not,” declares Saturn. “Time is of the essence and it should be noted, time is the most intangible of all resources.”

Yes, there are three and a half months before Jupiter and Saturn square. Between now and then every person on Earth will experience a wide array of aspects from minor and pesky to major and powerful. Each aspect is consciousness cash and manifestation money. Some aspects are pocket change; others big bucks. They all add up. Those who deposit energy with each and every aspect build more evolutionary equity than those who do not.

It is said the devil is in the details; a taxing thought within itself. The solution: Sort the details, create the agenda. Execute the plan.

Here’s to the best for all your efforts. May the Jupiter-Saturn square look upon your efforts with approval and appreciation for the propitiation that your plan and effort demonstrate.

More soon.

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