Wednesday, December 31, 2014


A little about my experience with VibesUp Products:

I have high frequency items from VibesUp all over my house and on me! I've been buying VibesUp items for at least ten years. My kinesiologist muscle tests them specifically for me, whether my body accepts or rejects them. The products consistently test as "good" for me. Only one didn't agree with me -- the crystal cream felt divine on my skin but after a bout of poison oak on my face, the crystal cream was too strong at the time. So I gave it to my friend who loves it and uses it without any problem.

Kaitlyn Keyt, the owner/inventor of VibesUp has a new Natural's WATERFALL ion therapy shower head that I purchased. The chlorine odor from Sacramento city tap water is pretty strong. After installing the VibesUp shower head, I no longer smell any chlorine. I've been using it for four months and still no odor. I've noticed, too, that even with drying glycerin soaps, I can now use them. They don't dry my skin like they used to.

My #1 one favorite is the Earth Mat because of it's versatility. I sit on it by day at the computer and sleep on it at night. I continually notice how I no longer have grogginess in the mornings.

(Eventually, I'll be devoting some space on to feature my favorite VibesUp items - I believe that strongly in Kaitlyn's products.)

Read about the fascinating research she has done in the making of her products -all designed with crystals and essential oils to improve mind and body. Kaitlyn ususually has an online special going at her website VibesUp.