Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Articles at AstroStar.com

I'm making some minor changes with this blog. I'll be moving all new astrology forecasts and articles to AstroStar.com to consolidate them in one place.

I'll list the new articles here once a week, so you just will be hopping to AstroStar.com to read them.

I also have some Timely Tips that I have come across and have wanted to share with others but didn't because they weren't related to the astrology content here, so I'll probably be starting that soon.

So, here are the latest articles I've posted on AstroStar.com: (They are also listed on the main page at AstroStar.com

  • The Grand Cardinal Cross of April 2014 by Philip Sedgwick.
  • Lucky Horoscopes for April 2014
  • Astrology Forecast for April 2014 by Janet Moon.
  • Spring Eclipses Forecast by Janet Moon.
  • The New Moon in Aries Forecast by Barbara Goldsmith.
  • Planetary Previews for March and April 2014 by Philip Sedgwick.
  • Crystals for Aries by Darlene Siddons.
  • The Month of Aries 2014 Forecast by Sharita Star.
  • Famous Aries