Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Full Moon in Cancer January 15-16, 2014

By Barbara Goldsmith

This Full Moon is at 25 degrees of Cancer and marks the Moon's return home to her natural sign. She has been travelling for the last year and is happy to be home.

It's a great time for nurturing or being nurtured, eating well, focusing on your security, taking care of those you love. It's likely to be an emotional time, so make sure you haven't been bottling things up as they'll probably erupt during this Full Moon as it conjuncts with Jupiter in Cancer.

Good things to do:

  • Go out or make a wonderful meal and eat it slowly and savor every mouthful
  • Reach out to an old friend
  • Be near the ocean
  • Nurture someone and allow yourself to be nurtured
  • Go to a spa and get yourself pampered
  • Start a savings plan for your future security
  • Make a space in your home a special sanctuary that gives you peace
  • Take care of someone or an animal who is frail or helpless

    or me, this Full Moon highlights my move to Greece and finding a new home. Although I don't have much inside the apartment yet, I have lots of animal friends who come into the garden and visit me. They love their tidbits of food and some of them stay for a cuddle. Despite being in the middle of winter, the flowers are blossoming and the birds are singing, all of which gives me a feeling of home.

    Right now, at the time of this Cancer Full Moon, we are having what the Greeks call the Halycon Days. This is a period of about two weeks in the middle of winter where suddenly the weather becomes warmer, the sun comes out for long periods, the wind drops, and it feels like summer has arrived.

    There is a myth about this time which stems back to Alcyone and her husband, Ceyx who were having fun one day and jokingly addressed one another as Hera and Zeus. This annoyed Zeus so much that he drowned Ceyx and transformed Alcyone into a kingfisher, bird of lakes, rivers and seas. He condemned her to lay her eggs during the winter when the waves and icy cold water would destroy her eggs and kill her young birds as they hatched. But Alcyone's grief moved Zeus to pity, and he granted her a few days of good weather in the midst of winter to lay her eggs and see her baby birds live. This apparently is the reason we are having such glorious weather in the middle of January!

    What can you do to nourish yourself and those around you?
    How can you bring sunshine and warmth into your life?

    Where does the Full Moon fall in your chart?

    1st House
    Make sure you are finding a balance between your needs and the demands of others in your life. Be sensitive to your physical body and give it what it is asking for. You may be feeling extra-emotional so make sure you get time to yourself to recharge your batteries.

    2nd House
    This can mark the culmination of a project you have been working on and you reap the fruits of your labor. Your finances will be highlighted and you'll be looking for ways to create future security for yourself.

    3rd House
    This is a great time for making short trips and visiting people you are close to. An important document or parcel that you have been waiting for could arrive. You may be feeling quite restless, but make sure you don't run around like a headless chicken trying to do too many things at once.

    4th House
    This is a wonderful time to be home, to give attention to your family or people who feel like family in your life. Cook delicious meals and make yourself as comfortable as possible. A real estate deal could close at this time or you may decide to move home or relocate to another city or country.

    5th House
    This is a great time to be creative, expressive and to have fun. You may find a new romance that gives you a feeling of warmth and love. You may find yourself involved with children or younger people. The most important thing is to bring out your inner child and allow it to explore and to play.

    6th House
    This is the time when you can start a new diet, a new exercise program and anything that pertains to your health and well-being. Make positive changes in your daily routines. Do something nurturing for the people you work with or for. A small act of kindness will enhance your working relationships.

    7th House
    It's important to find the balance between your needs and the needs of other people around you. This is a good time to start a new relationship. If you are already in a relationship, you may have a real heart to heart conversation that enables you to get closer once again.

    8th House
    This is a good time to get your finances in order, and if you have any debts, to pay them off or to begin paying them down. Someone may look to you for financial support and you will have to be honest as to whether you are able to fulfill their wishes. Your sexual energies may be awakened in a new way.

    9th House
    Plan a holiday, a retreat, an adventure to a place you have never been to before. Connect with people from other countries and share common interests. Your beliefs may be challenged and you may have an awakening that allows you to have a whole new perspective on yourself and the world.

    10th House
    This is a great time for anything connected with your public image, for public speaking, for being noticed in your work, for being promoted or finding a new job. This is not a time to hide, it's a time to be seen and to show your talents. You may organize an event or take the lead on a new project.

    11th House
    This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded people. Try to get out and about to socialize with friends and acquaintances and focus on connecting with people at the heart level. A friend may experience a crisis and come to you for help.

    12th House
    It's important for you to have alone time. You've probably been very busy with daily activities and responsibilities, so you must allow yourself time to regroup and to rest. A secret or a private matter may be revealed or a work project could come to fruition.

    Wishing you a nourishing Full Moon in Cancer!

    With love from Athens,


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