Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Elissa Heyman's Psychic Insights for Fall 2013

Pluto in the news: Everything has changed; each person's world is different-that's what powerful Pluto going direct feels like in Fall 2013. It means there's a forward march, an unfolding, of destructive yet transformative events: Pluto represents death, rebirth, and transformation. In our own lives, we might be picking up the pieces from some heavy lesson we learned, a necessary lesson that leads to transforming how we do things and the foundation we stand on as a person.

October's Mercury Retrogade, the 21st-November 10th: This Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is a few days after a full moon lunar eclipse in Aries-acting-out rashly may lead to deep complications. This Mercury retrograde is conjunct the new moon eclipse in Scorpio on November 3rd; there's a tremendous push to break through to some other side, personally and collectively. There can also be truths revealed that really instigate a change. The news should be full of revelations.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio can really get to the bottom of things and reveal long-held secrets. Use this time to fearlessly explore your inner landscape and the quality of the emotions that course through you. Are they caused by ideas that are fearful or loving? The Tarot on Mercury retrograde: The cards suggest that if something doesn't work, i.e. being stubborn, it will cause maximum obstacles and problems to show what isn't working, what won't lead to solutions. Faster, harder: The world's changes kick into high gear, and people must learn to better control their inner space to get done what they need to and find respite from the intense pace.

About sticking your head in the sand: You can't do the same old thing that no longer serves you and expect to escape the consequences this Fall. Don't depend on luck: losses tend to be big, and especially beware of anything leading you into potentially explosive situations. Also, practice "moderation in all things" as escapist behaviors and fantasizing can ruin your chances. (Another take on "sticking your head in the sand" from a conversation with the spirits on the Fall equinox, September 2013: "Well, we're busy not looking at what's coming. We're here now, all is well! We don't want to know anything else because what is the point but to live the way you want." I associate this with the lack of collective will to recognize dangers and threats to society and the planet.)

Keys to Fall Success: Life demands that we be on the ball and on top of what's important. Update your record keeping, find ways to manage details. Habitual ways you spend your time are subject to change.

Tremendous personal growth: People can make big leaps in their personal and inner lives, as if they are a human pogo stick and can bounce off the walls of what's confined them and finally bound off. Many move on from this Fall with a different understanding of themselves and a new contract with life. People get stronger within themselves. Somehow, a vacation: Even just a tiny vacation can refresh you immensely in the intensifying energy of this Fall. A great deal can be realized and processed when you feel you're "off duty".

Out in the world, collaborations with a big impact between talented people are on the rise. There are a lot of smart people on the planet talking their heads off and they're not ego-driven or afraid of getting together for global solutions. Powerful partnerships can form around the October 4th new moon in Libra. October has a LOUD quality, and some of it is coming from innovative solutions gaining steam.

Psychic messages for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs. Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs also.

For all signs from the October pictograph: Stay in your own upbeat bubble!

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, the Air signs: Something is over or completed, and valuable lessons learned. You've got seeds for a new idea that's just brewing. There are things that you've learned or understand that free you to be more daring and original. You should feel very good about your direction in the next few months. Have fun, be easy on yourself: this should be a creative time and not as pressured as other Falls. You've got enough information about what you want to do to begin working on it-this is exciting!

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, the Water signs: Things can work out in your favor where somehow you're thrown into a new environment, which is both chaotic and lucky, as if you benefit in an unstable situation. It's hard to keep things grounded in October. There are issues about new locations, and concern about being able to can be going to a good place yet have some concern about getting there or keeping plans intact. You just have to keep flexible and be willing to have plans change.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, the Fire signs: Life is a mixed bag. There have been some disappointments, there's resolve, and the conclusion to try something new, move on, and find gifts and new opportunity out in the world. It's another month of big change, probably more so at the end of the month. Travel is likely. You're also likely to be thinking and fantasizing about long-term goals that mean a change in direction in your life. What's up ahead is exciting!

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, the Earth signs: You're trying to land something, trying to anchor a new project. What's the best thing to do, the best way to go? It's a little hard to figure out. You may go back to something you were considering in August. You're trying to make something happen and move forward with the project that's near and dear to your heart, but your conclusions are likely to change. You have some very good prospects for making things work even though you run into opposition. Be like water and go around blocks.

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