Monday, July 29, 2013

Bio-identical Hormones will be Banned if the FDA Has Its Way

We have an emergency to stop the bill that the FDA supports to ban prescriptions for bio-identical hormones.

The information that follows is from a newsletter by the Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center.

Dear Friends,
Your right to take bio-identical hormones is under attack! The potential Senatorial action on bio-identical hormones may be described as Grinch-like! If you, or your loved ones take bio-identical hormones in any of the 50 states and would like to continue being able to take bio-identical hormones, you need to call your senator today! This is not a joke!

The following letter is from Women's International Pharmacy! Please forward this message to everybody you know who may care about Americans having the right to take healthy hormones! Even if you don't currently take bio-identicals, please be compassionate and be another voice speaking up for those who do or may have to in the near future. Your life and your voice does make a difference!

The following is the Women's International Pharmacy letter to prescribing doctors that I adapted for patients:

Women's International Pharmacy July 29, 2013

" Your ability to prescribe (in your case to be able to receive) bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and other compounded medications is under attack in the U.S. Senate. Call your Senators today and ask them to oppose S.959, a bill that will soon be on the Senate floor that could give the FDA the authority to eliminate your ability to prescribe (take) compounded BHRT.

S.959 gives the FDA, an agency that has been openly hostile to bio-identical hormones, unprecedented and unchecked control over compounded BHRT. It allows them to ban estriol, one of the most widely used bio-identical hormones, and allows them to declare compounded BHRT to be illegal copies of drug company hormones.

Call your Senators NOW so they can oppose S.959. You can find the phone numbers in the State-by-State listing below and tell them:

"I am a BHRT patient in your State of ______. Please oppose S.959 so that I can continue taking compounded bio-identical hormone replacement therapy because it is extremely important to my health, and to the health of millions of Americans! Thank you. "

After your calls are made, please register and send an email to your Senators as well. It takes only a couple of extra minutes and every message is important! You can find additional information at"

Here is contact information for each state's Senator - by State, Name, Party, Phone Number

Alaska - Lisa Murkowski R 202-224-6665. Mark Begich D 202-224-3004

Alabama - Richard Shelby R 202-224-5744. Jeff Sessions R 202-224-4124

Arkansas - Mark Pryor D 202-224-2353. John Boozman R 202-224-4843

Arizona - John McCain R 202-224-2235. Jeff Flake R 202-224-4521

California - Dianne Feinstein D 202-224-3841. Barbara Boxer D 202-224-3553

Colorado - Mark Udall D 202-224-5941. Michael Bennet D 202-224-5852

Connecticut - Richard Blumenthal D 202-224-2823. Chris Murphy D 202-224-4041

Delaware - Tom Carper D 202-224-2441. Christopher Coons D 202-224-5042

Florida - Bill Nelson D 202-224-5274. Marco Rubio R 202-224-3041

Georgia - Saxby Chambliss R 202-224-3521. Johnny Isakson R 202-224-3643

Hawaii - Brian Schatz D 202-224-3934. Mazie Hirono D 202-224-6361

Iowa - Chuck Grassley R 202-224-3744. Tom Harkin D 202-224-3254

Idaho - Mike Crapo R 202-224-6142. James Risch R 202-224-2752

Illinois - Dick Durbin D 202-224-2152. Mark Kirk R 202-224-2854

Indiana - Dan Coats R 202-224-5623. Joe Donnelly D 202-224-4814

Kansas - Pat Roberts R 202-224-4774. Jerry Moran R 202-224-6521

Kentucky - Mitch McConnell R 202-224-2541. Rand Paul R 202-224-4343

Louisiana - Mary Landrieu D 202-224-5824. David Vitter R 202-224-4623

Massachusetts - John Kerry D 202-224-2742. Elizabeth Warren D 202-224-4543

Maryland - Barbara Mikulski D 202-224-4654. Benjamin Cardin D 202-224-4524

Maine - Susan Collins R 202-224-2523. Angus King I 202-224-5344

Michigan - Carl Levin D 202-224-6221. Debbie Stabenow D 202-224-4822

Minnesota - Amy Klobuchar D 202-224-3244. Al Franken D 202-224-5641

Missouri - Claire McCaskill D 202-224-6154. Roy Blunt R 202-224-5721

Mississippi - Thad Cochran R 202-224-5054. Roger Wicker R 202-224-6253

Montana - Max Baucus D 202-224-2651. Jon Tester D 202-224-2644

North Carolina - Richard Burr R 202-224-3154. Kay Hagan D 202-224-6342

North Dakota - John Hoeven R 202-224-2551. Heidi Heitkamp D 202-224-2043

Nebraska - Mike Johanns R 202-224-4224. Deb Fischer R 202-224-6551

New Hampshire - Jeanne Shaheen D 202-224-2841. Kelly Ayotte R 202-224-3324

New Jersey - Robert Menendez D 202-224-4744.

New Mexico - Tom Udall D 202-224-6621. Martin Heinrich D 202-224-5521

Nevada - Harry Reid D 202-224-3542. Dean Heller R 202-224-6244

New York - Charles Schumer D 202-224-6542. Kirsten Gillibrand D 202-224-4451

Ohio - Sherrod Brown D 202-224-2315. Rob Portman R 202-224-3353

Oklahoma - James Inhofe R 202-224-4721. Tom Coburn R 202-224-5754

Oregon - Ron Wyden D 202-224-5244. Jeff Merkley D 202-224-3753

Pennsylvania - Robert Casey D 202-224-6324. Pat Toomey R 202-224-4254

Rhode Island - Jack Reed D 202-224-4642. Sheldon Whitehouse D 202-224-2921

South Carolina - Lindsey Graham R 202-224-5972. Tim Scott R 202-224-6121

South Dakota - Tim Johnson D 202-224-5842. John Thune R 202-224-2321

Tennessee - Lamar Alexander R 202-224-4944. Bob Corker R 202-224-3344

Texas - John Cornyn R 202-224-2934. Ted Cruz R 202-224-5922

Utah - Orrin Hatch R 202-224-5251. Mike Lee R 202-224-5444

Virginia - Mark Warner D 202-224-2023. Tim Kaine D 202-224-4024

Vermont - Patrick Leahy D 202-224-4242. Bernie Sanders I 202-224-5141

Washington - Patty Murray D 202-224-2621. Maria Cantwell D 202-224-3441

Wisconsin - Ron Johnson R 202-224-5323. Tammy Baldwin D 202-224-5653

West Virginia - Jay Rockefeller D 202-224-6472. Joe Manchin D 202-224-3954

Wyoming - Mike Enzi R 202-224-3424. John Barrasso R 202-224-6441

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