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Profundities from the Akashic Records #7

I first heard Aingeal Rose as a guest on I was impressed by her down-to-earth intelligence, wisdom, clarity, and humility. After the show, I went immediately to her website, craving more of what I'd heard. is where I immersed myself in Aingeal's Akashic channelings which she freely offers to the public.

I come across many channelings year after year - some are long and wordy, some have little substance, many are interesting and offer wisdom teachings, some are rehashes of other channelings. Aingeal's channelings have the ring of truth and wisdom that is new and refreshing to me. The "profundities" are expressed concisely and are easy to understand - you don't have to read between the lines too much, and each channeled statement provides a truth teaching for each of us to grow from if we wish - the seed is planted.

Aingeal has kindly given her permission for me to publish her channelings. The latest one is right here:


(Ahonu is Aingael's twin flame)

Summary of the 7th Akashic Records ONLINE Group - June 23, 2013

It is possible to shift anything and everything in your life.

It is possible to be in tune with the abundance of life.

If you are in lack then you are not in love.

The Sphinx represents the leonine origins of its builders.

The Sphinx holds a holographic information database that will be tapped into when humanity is ready.

The Sphinx is a temple that holds the Hall of Records and more.

Jesus was a human that came to change the status quo and to learn.

Jesus did not come in with a full memory of the Godhead.

Jesus had to practice certain rites to bend the laws of the physical world.

It was not Jesus's plan to be adored or worshipped.

It was Jesus's plan to teach another way - the way of love of all that is.

Jesus represents the law of love that surpasses all laws beneath it.

Jesus is not happy that people have died in his name.

Jesus activated codes in humanity to free people from the captivity of the ego.

Karma is about balance and forgiveness at the same time.

It's an illusion to believe that things happen outside yourself.

We can't ever take away the truth that we are creators.

As long as we don't forgive we remain psychically corded to that which we hold a grievance.

Everybody and everything is loved the same by Source.

We are always given another opportunity to love.

The pineal gland and the solar plexus are our internal suns.

All beings are a reflection of our own consciousness.

Many enlightened beings have become archetypically imprinted on the universe.

The Earth was seeded by alien races.

Until the truth about religions comes out we will see conflict in the world.

Most religions are being used to dominate and control humanity.

Until we release the belief that one dogma has more truth than another we will have unrest and conflict.

Many people experience Reiki as real.

Reiki works by the laws of physics and operates on a certain frequency band.

Many people feel alone and without personal family but they are never outside or separate from Source.

Angels give much information about life and creation that contains knowledge that must be read and absorbed conceptually and is sometimes also applicable to particular time periods.

Anything that causes suffering is not a quality of true creation.

We must re-experience what Paradise looks like, feels like and tastes like.

There is no Karma created in Paradise Earth.

It is false to believe that you cannot have good without evil.

Forgiveness offers salvation to everyone.

All violence is insanity.

It is not our right to kill another life form.

Not only are we loved but love is all there is.

As long as we function under the belief in guilt we will suffer.

Evidence of civilizations have been found on Mars.

It is not new for us to be spied on, but it is now more invasive than ever.

It's not possible that you are created without a twin flame.

It is possible that your twin flame may not be incarnate at this time.

Most animals have more lives than humans.

Animals do not create karma because they are not in conscious choice.

Animals have evolutionary missions through their collective or group soul.

We weaken people every day with our judgments.

We murder others through our unwillingness to forgive.

Spend your time and energy going to a higher place of love.

Don't feed negativity - instead, manifest more love in your world.

Say yes to yourself more often.

Remember that love reaches beyond yourself in ways you do not know.

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