Saturday, May 25, 2013

Free Non GMO Shopping Guide

Here is the link to a free PDF download on what food products in the market have the highest likelihood of being GMO and which do not. Non GMO Shopper's Guide

There are even brand name products in health food stores that can be GMO. Whole Foods has just agreed to label all their products which contain GMO --- in FIVE YEARS! Unlike the U.S. that has yet to ban GMO products, many countries have the good sense to have already banned them.

GMO Articles:
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Russia blocks GMO

Deaths and birth defects are up in Argentina after GMO introduced.

Beware of Mexican Restaurants

Germany blocks GMO corn

More Countries with GMO bans

Monsanto (company behind GMO's) workers vote to ban GMO food from their company cafeteria

GM foods not served in Monsanto cafeteria

5 Most horrifying things about Monsanto

Monsanto Companies - Do not buy these products.

Thank you to Wynn Free for providing this information to those of us who are trying to get the word out that GMOs are bad news and should be banned globally. Wynn channels healing messages on internet radio. His conference call schedule is posted at

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