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Astrology Update for April 27, 2013 by Astrologer Philip Sedgwick

Purpose and Proclivities ~ 27 Apr 2013

Mars One, a Dutch company, is taking applications for life on Mars to commence in about a decade. The deal is, there’s no return. If you sign on, you’ll live out your days there. So for those of you with lingering post Earth-day laments about the state of this planet, here’s a solution. And here’s more good news, if you go to Mars I can still work with your horoscope using a heliocentric chart or a Mars-centric chart. Sign up for citizenship on Mars and book your Mars-centric reading now! This is Mars, so hurry. Of course, if you want a more grounded reading based upon life on Earth, it’s a good time for that, too. While poking around the site, check out the astro reports and Galactic Trilogy CD, as well. And now, on to purpose and proclivities...

Those following transit reports here and there seem to be lamenting the parade of planets in Taurus having recently opposed and coming up to oppose our fine gaseous giant friend, Saturn. How could something so lovely to view acquire such a reputation as a pain in the posterior (rhetorical comment)?

Since Saturn is a big part of the dilemma package of the time and since time is short and stingy and following the seemingly lubricated sands through the worm hole of our personal hour glasses, let’s just bullet point the issues the ringed one rings in with such gusto.

Remember Saturn’s list of favorite propitiated items: planning, hard work, dedication to cause, insistence on purpose, discipline (in a good way), limits (even on limits), commitment, glee in the face of moving mountains, timeliness and enthusiasm. Operating with these attributes warms the cool cockles of Saturn’s consciousness and the yield of life’s effort goes up.

Not only is Saturn receiving heaps of triggering from the personal planets in Taurus; so are the lunar nodes. The north lunar node, in opposition and contrast to the south lunar node, operates like a beacon, offering directional insight, dharmic roadside assistance, and working to magnetize a person’s soul to the highest possible purpose in the incarnation. We like the north lunar node, but what about the undervalued and often ignored south lunar node?

The south lunar node offers karmic insights. Now that word karmic tends to send shivers down the timbers of some, but when working with the south node, it’s a good thing. The south node is like whatever the Fool carries in his traveling bandanna attached to the stick casually tossed over his shoulder. It’s a tool kit of all things learned through soul-embedded experiences from this life or that. It represents things a person can do as easy as rolling off a log... though those skills tend to be minimized by a person assuming everyone can do such things. The interesting message of Taurus, where the transiting south node voyages and the personal planets transit, is that it defines the ultimate in resources - internal resources. Inner resources, skills, creative abilities, attributes, talents and such, never go away. Regardless of money in the bank or investments lingering in the limboland of speculation, these assets are always in the bank of one’s consciousness. Sometimes these assets get overlooked. Here, the south node’s effort reminds all to remember, recollect, collect, combine, amalgamate and create. This combination surely will please the lordship of Saturn.

So let’s bullet point the transits:

  • Venus opposite Saturn last Sunday:
    Remember this one? The scramble to budget, locate resources, define needs, ask for needs and learn to accept the good things coming your way. Given the ongoing influence in Taurus, if you have any more polishing up of fiscal agendas, cultivation of creativity, or getting your life pitch perfect, there’s still time. Get rubbing on your internal magic lamp.

  • Sun opposite Saturn today:
    Yeah, this is grind it out. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel the components you’re putting in place perfectly fit, or if the words hitting the page make sense. Get them down and out of your creative resource center. Avoid the urge to cut corners, truncate, abbreviate, edit in the moment, or in anyway do anything to diminish the quality or volume of content. Embellish, even though you might not feel like it. When you go back and re-read or review what you’ve put together, it’ll look pretty good. And later, editing is a part of life that Saturn has no problem doing.

    It’s the Sun here. Be bright, cheerful and smiley. It doesn’t matter that you don’t want to. It’s game face day. Affirm your assets. Declare your intention. See how far your light can beam from your being and still cast a shadow.

  • Venus on South Node today (April 27, 2013):
    Make a list of all inner resources, talents, skills, anything that you can do well, or have been told you can do well.

    Here’s a news bulletin: Your opinion of your talent does not matter. If you put your talent out there for others and it’s well-received, then mission accomplished. The opinions of critics, external or internal, do not count.

    Invoke your creative intention. Affirm your ability to receive and accept.

  • Mars opposite Saturn next Wednesday, May 1:
    This is an effort-laden pattern. It demands work, effort and pushing it forward, even if you don’t want to. Drag the carcass out of bed, stand up, take a few breaths, focus, stretch, put one foot in front of the other and get things done.

    Make a list and check things off it when done. Check offs are good for motivation.

    Break up long term goals into tasks that can be accomplished in chunks of time less than 72 hours.

    Remember, moving a mountain is a task that occurs one shovel full at a time.

    Sweat cleanses the body and work is good for the soul.

  • Mercury opposite Saturn, May 4:
    This communication pattern offers up a few rules:

    Say what you’re going to do and stick with it.

    Make clear demands that honor your talent and efforts. Claim respect through your efforts. Adhere to your own rules.

    Make no bluffs you cannot or will not back up.

    Walk your talk.

  • Sun on South Node, May 6:
    Here’s another time to review and document your inner attributes. Locate your talents and gifts, set goals and affirm your body, mind and spirit.

    Spend a little time realizing the uniqueness of your views, visions, belief and talents.

  • Mercury on South Node, May 9:
    This is a declaration of being “found.” Here, your mind wraps around your gifts, notices your communication skill set and reaches out to make clear declarations of your experience, wisdom and cultivated talents. What was once true about you and forgotten, now is found.

  • Mars on South Node, May 12:
    Stand back and take note of the furrows on the field of seeds you’ve cast. Note your accomplishments. Detail your wins, successes and gains. All of these become real world truths that cannot be taken away. Thus, the profile of confidence, real world wherewithal and accumulated expertise becomes verifiable and unshakeable. Given the above transits, a modicum of effort will enhance purpose and produce gains. Substantial effort applied to the patterns, who knows? Perhaps all bets are off. More soon... Norwac, the best regional astrological conference out there, is just around the corner. I am scheduling consultations for the time I am in Seattle. I arrive on May 22nd and while working other non-astro meetings in those days before the conference, if you are in Seattle, I do have day sessions available on the 22nd and 23rd, as well as a few appointments available for those attending Norwac during the actual conference. First come, first serve. Contact me for details.

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