Monday, January 21, 2013

Astrology Forecast for the month of Aquarius 2013 (Jan. 19 - Feb. 18)

By Sharita Star

What we all can expect from the forecast of our planetary skies 19 January to 18 February 2013.


"The forte of Aquarius is friendship, and its keyword is "I know." Friendship implies forces that unify, and in union lies love. Those who live in the love of truth have the wisdom to know. True, living thinking makes the knower. When man gains liberation from his brain and his senses, he knows the truth and "things to come." In our waking hours, it is our vital task to make friendship a fact, spreading creative friendship wherever we go, and recognizing the hidden divinity in every human being." ~John Jocelyn

Sun enters Aquarius 19 January

Whether you are a fan of winter or not, focus is now upon the collectives' energies to get friendly with what this season is meant to share with us. The airy astuteness of this sign is ready to assist the human cause to get intimate with exploration, intellectual pursuits, and embark in activities for improvement.

Water Bearers cannot but help to breath new life into their routines, constantly seeking originality and looking ahead for the trends to genuinely help humanity. The Aquarius soul is one in constant aim of the truth, and as the Sun passes through this area of our lives, so too, should we seek it in the friendliest forms possible.

Jupiter goes Direct in Gemini 30 January

The Gemini slice of life will be welcoming forward motion once more as our Philosopher planet returns to looking where he is going. Having reached the 06 degree Gemini point that 28 November 2012's last Lunar Eclipse kicked off, you'll begin to see the energy associated with the releases here pick up the pace again as education, ideas, and optimism returns.

Uranus at 05 degrees Aries will assist in innovative progress as this sextile remains until early March. Now that review time of the retrograde period is over, be ready to watch growth blossom where Gemini resides in your chart, as the power of expression streaming from there will be offering its cleverest forms until 25 June.

All Planets in Direct Motion 30 January to 18 February

Not since 25 December 2011 to 23 January 2012 have we had a passage of all planets in forward motion: one of those rare times when our most affluent celestial bodies in astrology are not offering us the opportunity for review by retrogradation.

Forward motion of the planets: Sun transiting 10 degrees Aquarius to 0 degrees Pisces; Mercury from 19 degrees Aquarius to 18 degrees Pisces; Venus from 26 degrees Capricorn to 20 degrees Aquarius; Mars from 27 degrees Aquarius to 13 degrees Pisces; Jupiter from 06 degrees, 20 minutes to 06 degrees, 57 minutes Gemini, Saturn from 11 degrees 12 minutes to 11 degrees, 32 minutes Scorpio; Uranus from 05 degrees, 34 minutes to 06 degrees 24 minutes Aries; Neptune from 02 degrees, 01 minutes to 02 degrees, 44 minutes Pisces; Pluto from 10 degrees, 19 minutes to 10 degrees, 53 minutes Capricorn.

Check where these degree points precisely fall in your personal chart and see where you can expect boosts of forward motion with the true energy to plant seeds for the future.

Venus enters Aquarius 01 February

This most certainly is the Zodiac Month that is all the more intensified by the concept that the focus of friendship divinely opens the doors to the truth of love. Our Idealist Venus is ready to bring her balancing energies into this collective request as she will do her best to bring out the gracious humanitarian in everyone throughout 25 February. As the love of intellectual companionship and socializing increases for this transit, harmony is sought through mental development, music, poetry, painting and any kind of activity that strengthens the mind as it further seeks answers about our reality. One may find there are plenty of unconventional ways that this is achieved, so feel free to experiment and receive Venus's gifts within Aquarius.

Mars enters Pisces 01 February; Mercury enters Pisces 05 February

Our Pioneer and Messenger planets join up with Neptune. The collective's desires and mentalities become activated in receptive and reflective energies, while ultra sensitive perceptions wish to communicate to us like photographic images. Methods of expression stream to the Pisces area of the life, but is it wise to not allow illogical, prejudiced, or unguarded reactions unravel? The cultivation of logic, detachment and stability is key to being adaptable under this passage. As the conjunction of these transits to Neptune holds through 11 February, we will have added the Moon into the mix - key to practicing patience for these days. As the approach to the next Mercury Retrograde passage begins 09 February, this first offering for reflection in 2013 asks to be extra conscious avoid being carried away by confusion, nor allowing one's feelings to rule at this time.

New Moon in Aquarius, The Year of The Water Snake, 10 February

It's time for our Aquarian New Moon on Feb. 9-10, which aligns in celebration of a brand New Year in the East as 2013's Year of the Water Snake begins. The Chinese New Year always initiates the annual waxing phase of The Water Bearer, where we in the West gather the new light of giving gratitude for advancing and visionary energies that assist the evolution of mankind.

As the Year of the Water Snake kicks off we find our friends in the East honor the animal of transformation, intuition, contemplation, penetration and tranquility for the next year through 30 January 2014.

In the water element, guidance asks for reflection; this is a year where impulse will not be the power determining outcome, but a calm, reserved and somewhat secretive force is upon the collective.

As a New Moon within the Water Bearer emerges, mental vs physical manifestations are prominent; this combines well with the philosophical nature of The Snake who especially enjoys intellectual understanding about the human condition as it innately observes the depths of the soul.

About Sharita Star: Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. A Psychic of the Planets, she has world-wide recognition for all levels of astrological, numerological and lexigram analysis through readings, classes, lectures and party services. While residing between New York City and Chatham, NY, her first book, It's All in the Name is now available for purchase from Amazon, Steiner Books and various retailers. Sharita's radio show, 'What's Your Sign? I Have Your Number!' is heard on WBCR-LP, 97.7FM, Great Barrington and the worldwide web. For the only place to order a signed copy of 'It's All in the Name,' please visit:

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