Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Astrology Forecast for Feb., 2013 by Astrologer Janet Moon

If you think January was nice, just wait for February. We may have one difficult weekend, and the Full Moon could bring a challenge. But, most of the month should be smooth sailing, and there could even be extra blessings. In fact, I am forecasting that Valentine's Day 2013 will be the best Valentines day we've had this century with lots of steamy romance and sex! Mars is going to be busy energizing some of the outer planets this month, and by Presidents' Day, we may find a project or situation has been transformed.

Venus will enter Aquarius, and Mars will enter Pisces on the first day of February. We will probably be ready for a change. The Moon will be in passionate Scorpio on Groundhog Day, Saturday, February 2nd, and the groundhog may be very vehement expressing his fear of his shadow this year. (*wink*) Mars and Neptune will be partners in crime during the weekend of February 1st, and some will not be practical. Think twice before you spend or commit yourself to a project. And, postpone any major purchases until Wednesday.

Mars and Neptune will be at the peak of their partnership, and the Moon will enter fiery and busy Sagittarius as we begin the week of February 4th. We may find ourselves wanting to act, but we may end up regretting our decisions on Monday, and possibly even Tuesday, February 4th and 5th.

Life will should be getting better in quantum leaps on Wednesday and Thursday, February 6th and 7th, with Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus at harmonic frequencies. Some unexpected opportunities may arise, including the possibility of a financial gain. Mercury will also be crossing Neptune in furious pursuit of Mars. Our thoughts could easily get confused, but if we can trust our emotions and our inner voice, we may find peace and spiritual rewards.

Life could get complicated for the weekend of February 8th, and we will probably begin to notice the tension on Friday. Our judgment will be off, and we will be quick to over-react. We may not feel like celebrating the Chinese New Year (snake) and the Aquarius New Moon on Sunday, February 10th. In fact, we may really want to get away from everything. Things will be especially tough for those with Aries and Sagittarius dominate in their charts. It could also bring financial or health difficulties to those with Taurus, Libra, and Capricorn (and all the rest of us in one way or another). We may even find ourselves saying hurtful things to loved ones all the way through Monday, February 11th.

We may be feeling "blue" on Monday, February 11th, but as the day progresses our frustration should dissipate. In fact, we will probably get work done at a very rapid pace, and any problems will be met with wisdom and rationality through Fat Tuesday, February 12th.

Mars and Pluto will be increasing our confidence and possibly our drive through the end of the week. Mars and Pluto are also the rulers of males and sex, so Ladies, get ready for a hot and attentive Valentine's Day. If he stands you up this year, it's probably time to look for a new man. (Better double check his chart first, just in case he's going through something awful, like a Saturn return.)

Mars will be teaming up with Pluto and Saturn as the weekend of February 15th begins. These slow, outer planets will definitely continue their influence throughout the weekend. This will be a great weekend for getting together with friends and family for work and play. People will be willing to help, and almost anything we try will work out fine. Those with dominate Capricorn in their charts may not accomplish as much as they hoped this weekend with Saturn getting ready to turn retrograde. But, if they ask their friends for help, things will go more smoothly.

The Sun will enter Pisces and Saturn will be at Retrograde Station as the week begins on Presidents' Day, February 18th. We may find ourselves running in circles and accomplishing little through Tuesday, February 19th. But, if we take time for meditation and contemplation, we will find balance and inner peace. Our spiritual connections and our creative energies will increase as we approach midweek. We may get a little carried away with a few of our projects, but we should be ready for a break by the weekend.

Mercury will be turning retrograde on Saturday, February, 23rd, and we will probably be dealing with typical Mercury retrograde problems, like computer problems, travel delays, and misunderstandings as the weekend begins. The Moon will be in Leo throughout most of the weekend, and we may decide to do like any good Leo does when confronted with challenges, take a nap. It's okay to be a couch potato every now and then, and a Mercury retrograde is as good an excuse as any. Maybe even rent a few movies and invite a few friends, and make it a couch potato party.

We could be dealing with personal problems as the week begins under the Virgo full moon on Monday, February 25th. Some of us may reach to our addictions for comfort, and others may be overly critical. Communications will improve and new ideas will be floating up by Tuesday, February 26th. Our creative energies could increase, and romance will be likely as we approach the end of February.

We may be ready for some changes as we enter March. It will begin with a continuation of romance and accomplishments from February, but the cosmic weather will be changing as we approach Palm Sunday and Easter. Check back next month to find out more.

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site at for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast.


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