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12-12-12 VibesUp 36 Hour Sale

To jump right over there, The 12-12-12 36 hour sale is at the VibesUP website. 55% Off for products not already on sale. Use Code RARE55 in the Coupon Box.

This is a rare deal from Kaitlyn Keyt, the owner of VibesUP so I'm posting it here for all to have the opportunity to read the latest and get in on Kaitlyn's sale, even if you don't get her newsletter.

Some of you know that I have her products all over the place, including draped on me and in my shoes (Divine Soles). I sit on the mat every time I'm at the PC. I have half of one mat under my wrist to stave off Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the other half in my pillow case, and her crystals and other products are everywhere. I love her products and have been using and wearing them for more than seven years.

If you're not familiar, Kaitlyn Keyt was the 2008- 2009 Visionary Award finalist and winner of 5 Visionary Awards and is based in (Folsom) Sacramento, Ca.

The 12-12-12 36 hour sale is at the VibesUP website. 55% OFF for products NOT ALREADY ON SALE. Use Code RARE55 in the Coupon Box

Kaitlyn's newsletter today: (Edited lightly)

HAPPY 12-12-12



But dont be sad. We are committed to working hard this season to bring as many Vibes to as many homes as affordable as we can. One Night Owl Elf has stayed up till 3am almost every night packing. We wake up to a house full of goodies all ready to go to their new homes. Bless this ELF.


It is the last sequential number date we will see for a Century


So just for fun if you ad these up it equals 36. So let's have 36 hours of something fantasticly RARE 55% off everthing in our store that is not already on sale. Don't worry if you just did the double stuff and now see this. Your double stuff ended up being higher than the 55% discount. And this one is store wide and double stuff was just mats.


USE CODE RARE55 in the coupon box at check out for 55% off anything NOT ALREADY ON SALE. VibesUP. See Elf reqeust below


We are caught up on orders placed on our website, Talk Packages we still have about 100 to send. These will go out soon. As for the orders you place during this special We will fill in the order they are placed so if your order is placed earlier in the 36hrs you have a very good chance, it later in the 36 hrs we can not promise it to arrive by Christmas. It may, but it may not. But we can promise you will still get a fantastic deal on hand made purposeful products that work!

SUPER IMPORTANT REQUEST FROM MY ELVES. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE say they :) They are asking to please not call to request changes, special request or anything that would slow them down. They are on a mission to get as many goodies out that door as fast as they can. They love you but only have so much time right now.


I want to get as much of the strong earth grounding mats & new cut your own soles out there as I can to ground the increasing energies. PS Read the product reviews on the mats that people have left on the website or leave one of your own on any product. It warms my heart to hear your input! THANK YOU :) :) :)

REPLY OF Recent interview with JACKLYN

This is the one I said is my top 3 Fav talks.

And back by popular demand, Kaitlyn Keyt's illuminating presentation about what's to come, and how can we balance masculine/feminine energies for greater health, longevity and even spiritual presence. She is the inventor of some extraordinary one-of-a-kind, award winning products that are based on nature and designed to promote health and happiness. Are you still looking for some special gifts, or willing to take good care of yourself? Now, more than ever with major influxes of light on the horizon, these products can really help us ground, balance and receive. Today, she extended her special offer package for us. Click here for replay


Remember you can make Soles out of your new thicker mats. Now that the mats are thicker I have found I can use them for SOLES and I do not need the foam padding on the back of the regular soles PLUS there is a bonus of left over scraps to use. We put them in teddy bears but now you can have them to be creative with.

I used the template (ask for a template if you want it in the comment box) to cut my self two new pairs out of mats. One for slippers one for my winter boots.

Plus notice by my picture how much extra I have left over to be creative with. Under the pets food and water dish. In the dirt of a Plant it will thrive as its roots are its feet. Carry with you to charge food, etc. so many uses for the leftovers.


THEN I was sent an email of a Mayan Elder explaining about the 3 days after Dec 21. NOW MY EARS PERKED RIGHT UP.

As my inner wisdom has been nudging me on this subject for months as well. I knew there would be a special 3 days; I knew it had to do with the alignment of the planets and it had to do with a change in the the energy that comes through the Milky Way to our beautiful little planet. When I watched this Mayan scientist video clip, I was at first not feeling it but as it went on I was like OMG! YES YES that matches with what I have been getting. He talks about the Mayans knowing about this alignment and the special 3 days after Dec 21 2012 -- and that the blast of consciousness energy would come with this is and that they built the pyramids to help anchor that consciousness into our planet so that it was not just a passing awakening.


He went on to explain that many of those pyramids where destroyed, so he and his fellow mayans are traveling non stop, sleeping while they travel hitting a city, building these little pyramids like crazy, moving on to the next area working as FAST as they can getting ready for the 3 special days.


He is also teaching people how to become human magnets with special exercizes to do each day. A HUMAN IS A POWERFUL BRIDGE to bring consciousness down through our crown chakras and anchor and hold it to our planet so we can carry this wave of awakening energy that they have been looking forward to for 1000's of years into a NEW WAY OF BEING FOR OUR PLANET.

(Divine soles turn your body into a grounded magnet naturally) I started jumping around as I had a sudden new understanding of the bigger picture of WHY nature nudged me to make the grounding mats and soles. Just like the little pyramids he is making, these are also proton absorbers. You have heard me speak of the (+) and (-). The (+) or heaven or thought or universal energy. THOUGHT IS AWARENESS they are protons the mats bring that universal or heaven energy in and blend it with the grounding earth energy (-) when the two are together mother father in balance you get HEAVEN ON EARTH! The power is in the balance and the blend.

The 12-12-12 36 hour sale is at the VibesUP website. 55% OFF for products NOT ALREADY ON SALE. Use Code RARE55 in the Coupon Box


Same thing different method. I smiled as I GOT new understanding that the special delivery of 50-150 packages that leave our front door every day are far more SPECIAL that I had even known.

Each person who orders a mat sets up their own mini helper pyramid and each pair of soles turn another person into a magnet for consciousness for our planet. Without having to travel night and day like the Mayans we are together sprinkling these all over the world and helping to set up little consciousness absorbers to help shift the planet and her people. Just like the Mayans WE are all collectively doing our part to prepare for this long awaited wave of consciousness. (clearing charges and operating from your heart also helps in this shift)

SO MUCH MORE TO SAY ON THIS... I will be talking alot more about this in upcoming talks. Each talk will have a little bit different or more information as I have more information to share than the time of each talk allows.


and the 2.5 Frequency? The stoney side of your Mat will neutralize the man made unbalanced things in our environment that drain our energy into a 2.5 frequency which means it is back in a harmonious balance and no longer sucks our energy or pulls us out of balance. I knew on a common sense level but now with the 2.5 it can be measured.

Important: only the stoney side will work the non stoney side will not do this. So exciting that it will harmonized items to the 2.5 in less than 2 min and she said as far as she knows it will STAY in that frequency. She will keep us posted. OMG! My mind went right into what in my environment.

Do I want to reharmonize? Bed Mattresses are very toxic, how about carpet, baby car seats, the couch,..etc etc...go with what you feel on this. Moving a mat little by little stoney side down until I cover the whole mattress.2 min per area. Now it's all balanced.

I than put my mat stoney side up under my sheets and sleep with all the other special things the mat does directed at my body.

Just some FUN FYI :) ....As you may know I am always experimenting with energy and testing. The lady who does the machine testing for me stays cutting edge attending the lastest conferences in Germany and around the world on Vibrational Energy; she owns many machines for testing and runs a busy vibrational medicine clinic in Ireland and shares my passion for wanting to know everything possible about Vibrational Energy.

She does the testing for VibesUP out of wanting to help find solutions and she has tested many things on the market that say they help and she feels the producers of these have great intentions but many of those items she has tested do more harm than help. She understands I want to be 100 percent sure of exactly how the energy of my products effect every part of a human being and our environment.

Silly Funny story,...

She told me one day that of all the pendants she tested for EMF on the market she has found two that really work. When I inquired more about the second one I saw that it was made using the workings of a Certain Nature Scientist ....don't laugh! ... but year ago I had a past life 3 hour hypnosis session where I was able to go back to my life as a Nature Scientist (I was not surprised, as it comes so natural in this life). As you may have guessed the pendant was designed from the workings of the Natural Scientist who died in 1958...and it was the same person who I was in my past life hypnosis session.

At first I was stunned, than I belly laughed. Not important but just FUN and FUNNY! I am looking forward to us all starting to tap into the gifts and knowledge we all carry from our past lives. We will not even need hypnosis to remember. This new energy wave will HELP!

Mayan Scientist Clip I was referring to


"Thank you so much for the info about detoxifying the mattress!!!! I just did this - muscle tested and got that it is now healthy to sleep on and was not, before. My mat is now under the kitties' water fountain/filter. I also got by muscle testing that this needs the treatment. Going to check about the other machines and devices in the house... and treat the carpets. And everything else I can think of. I never heard that before about the stoney side of the mat having an effect the other side doesn't... good to know." Thanks - Linda


After hearing what Linda did with her mattress I asked her to try an experiment for me and test to see if we could do this with our teeth fillings. I love her results and will ask Joan Flynn with the machines to test this too. Here is what she said. "Hi Kaitlyn THIS IS A BRILLIANT IDEA!! I do not have a squishy so I had to use an eye mask insert. I got by the muscle tests that I had some toxicity from the fillings and now it's gone.

Gotta say though, this is not a comfortable process, between the gag reflex and the drool. I did both sides of my upper jaw at once but had to do one side at a time on the lower jaw. People should have a towel in place before starting this and proceed with kindness to themselves. I suspect a narrow strip of mat or sole material would be easier to tolerate. However - it's done now, and when I get soles I will save a piece of the trimmings to use after any future dental procedures". FEEL FREE TO SHARE MY STORY I AM ALL FOR A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT ONE HOUSEHOLD AT A TIME. Thanks :):): LINDA

Kaitlyn's newsletters are usually quite lengthy because she is always researching and putting out new information. Here's an edited version of the rest of today's newsletter:


I am always scouting for beautiful ways to bring more mama nature back into our lives. This design was chosen with our Crystal Cave in our home in mind. These are literally tiny little sparkly Drusy caves with a crystal point inside like a royal candle. Comes in 4 Inner Crystal choices 1. Golden Citrine- Creativity & JOY 2. Amethyst-Intuition, Clarity & Memory 3. Black Tourrmeline (non pointed) Protection-neutralizing negativity 4. Clear Quartz- Health

Product Description
EARTH ionizer Pendant- Nature's intelligence in action! This pendant has BOTH the EMF formula and the ALL in ONE formula which has all 18 VibesUP themes. This is Kaitlyn's everyday pendant she wears as its comfy, goes with everything and it's smart at breathing energy in and out as we require it. FUN INFO ON HOW IT WORKS :)

Nature's Intelligent Ionizer! It measures about the size of a quarter and comes on a black satin cord. This pendant looks great on both men and women. This strikingly attractive pendant is a favorite for Kaitlyn for her everyday-even-sleep-in-it-pendant.- Black tourmaline and actual sea shell, there is a large area on the back side of this pendant that holds over 40 essential oils and Black tourmaline, set in a liquid crystal formula with tiny crystal spheres that work like natural batteries sending this healthy energy infrared deep. AND IT"S SMART!! Not just Nature's intelligence of knowing what we need and when it, it's also the perfect design of the Fibonacci Wave (the swirl on the shell) this pattern is so geometrically perfect that it is referred to as the intelligence of the Universe! When I googled it I even found that there were whole systems of how to invest in the stock market based on the math of this design!

THIS IS FUN! This design is beneficial for the creature that lives inside the shell and what it does for the creature it can do that for you too. Here is how it works: Imagine your inside the shell and which would be looking at the pattern as you face the back of it. Follow the pattern of the white from the outside down into the is a clockwise swirl, clockwise brings energy IN, white vibrates high and creates. Now from the center follow the goes out counter clockwise..this is bringing the energy OUT. Black is a denser vibration and helps to pull things OUT. Think of it like when we eat we bring in the high vibration of the food and than break it down and then we send what is not beneficial OUT. So the little creature that lives in this shell is constantly being helped by this pattern of bringing the beneficial energy IN and than taking the non beneficial energy OUT. This pattern seems to have its own knowing of what to help with and when. It is constantly supplying us with infrared Earth ions as we wear it. Earth (negative) ions are what we are needing more of to balance out all the over abundance of electronic (positive) ions given out by the electronics and WiFi that is thick in the air around us . (Be sure and wear the pendant with white shell facing out.)

We receive the most humorous and amazing testimonies from customers on this pendant. One lady works in an office where they sometimes bring in a mobile x-ray machine to use in her area. She said that when the door opens for it to come in, her pendant, on its own starts to activate and get very warm. It's like it knows that harmful positive ions are coming and it is sending out the negative ions to help balance that out and shield the wearer from the damage that harmful energy can cause. To learn more about how this works in a fun and simple way I highly recommend listening to a radio interview I did on how the ATOM can teach us how simple everything is to understand. Go to the home page VibesUP listen to hear this talk "A lesson from the Atom." A black satin cord is included. You may want to replace this cord with a chain of your choice.

The 12-12-12 36 hour sale is at the VibesUP website. 55% OFF for products NOT ALREADY ON SALE. Use Code RARE55 in the Coupon Box

Below this New product section are more details on the 3 Days after December 21, 2012

Explore the 13 New Products

13 NEW PRODUCTS TreeArt - VibeLites - 7 Snap Wraps & more See Below for a tour of the new goodies

TREE VibeArt (Vibrating Paintings!) 12x18 Laminated Actual TREE Vibe Infused Can you see the Tree Person in the wood? 23.60 each with Holiday Coupon :)

New CRYSTAL CAVE Pendant I am always scouting for beautiful ways to bring more mama nature back into our lives. This designed was chosen with our Crystal Cave in our home in mind. These are literally tiny little sparkly Drusy caves with a crystal point inside like a royal candle. Comes in 4 Inner Crystal choices 1. Golden Citrine- Creativity & JOY 2. Amethyst-Intuition, Clarity & Memory 3. Black Tourrmeline (non pointed) Protection-neutralizing negativity 4. Clear Quartz- Health


We couldn't think of a better way to announce our new wishlist feature than to have a fun contest. We will be picking TWO winners per week through Christmas and filling over $100 worth of VibesUP goodies from their wishlist. We will be watching facebook and curios what you send out as your wishlist! The VibesUP elves love to make wishes come TRUE!

The 12-12-12 36 hour sale is at the VibesUP website. 55% OFF for products NOT ALREADY ON SALE. Use Code RARE55 in the Coupon box.

The new higher frequencies are now in alignment to sustain FREE ENERGY!!! YEAH!!!!!













You may ask HOW could this be??? No need for controlling institutions??? DO I WANT TO BE SELF GOVERNING? Don't we need guidance from outside of us? HERE IS A FUN & COMMON SENSE explanation of HOW & WHY In a higher Vibration everything moves faster. Electro-magnetic is the 2 step process of everything in our universe. ELECTRO IS OUT and MAGNETIC is IN. Whether it's night and day, hot and cold, winter and summer, everything is breathing IN AND OUT.

What we put out comes back to us. Electro Magnetic! Some could call this Karma or the law of attraction. OUT than IN. SIMPLE. In a lower vibration this OUT and IN is a much slower process. Most folks do not relize that what they are experiencing is simply a scientific result of the signals they had put out in the past.

No JUDGEMENT - it is just collecting experiences. The reason they do not realize the connection is that in the lower vibrations we were in there is so much time between the OUT and the IN because the result are so slow we do not connect the dots and see they are related in an OUT and IN cause and effect pattern HOWEVER in a HIGHER faster vibration that electro magnetic out and in process speeds UP.

FOR EXAMPLE - DO WE NEED THE POLICE TO GIVE US A TICKET FOR PUTTING OUR HAND ON A HOT STOVE? NO OF COURSE NOT! When we put our hand on a hot stove (cause) We get burned (effect) This may sound silly but we realize there is no need for POLICE to go around giving tickets to those who are putting their hands on hot stoves because the result of our actions are QUICK. THERE IS NO NEED TO BE TOLD THIS IS NOT BENEFICAL FOR US!!! In this same mannor there will be no need for anyone to police our actions. WE will be able to feel immediate results and know instantly whether we want to have the experience of what we are putting out because it will show up right away!!!!! IN THE HGHER FREQUENCIES our planet is going WE WILL BECOME ENERGETICALLY RESPONSIBLE SELF GOVERNING BEINGS.


WILL the change be SCARY??? BAD GUYS? or BABY's WITH A TOY? As this shift happens there may be those operating from force that lunge forward in a final attempt to hold on to the old ways.

THIS IS NATURAL. Think of pulling a toy away from a toddler when they do not want to let go. But soon they will realize that old toy is being replaced with something MUCH MUCH BETTER!!!

Because you understand what is happening it will be easier for you to not get caught up in the fear and anger and to be able to keep your heart in a confident place of peace,knowing this is all part of the beautiful change. Have fun with this...maybe even laugh and smile when you see them acting out and think "BABY WITH A TOY".

I recommend for a smooth transition to stay connected to mama earth as she is Nature and NATURE IS WHO WE ARE. I am not talking about WORSHIPPING the earth or Nature as it is just reminding us of who we are and how to get back into our empowered balance. Again under the micoscope if something is out of alignment with its surrounding freqeuncies there can be a lot of friction. When we are in alignment with the Earth in her big changes it will be SMOOOTH. :)


There have always been things to focus on that can make us feel FEAR which put us onto the FEAR channel at which we experience more FEAR.

There will be things to focus on that are about LOVE, JOY and EXCITEMENT which put us on the LOVE frequency.. at which we experience more LOVE. No judgement on either, they are just different experiences. The experience our planet is shifting into is the LOVE frequency. It is our choice which we choose to experience this year.

2012 The Mayan Calander Tree Talk Video. Can you make it thru all 7 clips??? :) :)

The 12-12-12 36 hour sale is at the VibesUP website. 55% OFF for products NOT ALREADY ON SALE. Use Code RARE55 in the Coupon Box

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