Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Aries Full Moon on Sept. 29, 2012

By Kelley Rosano

September closes amid the powerful Aries Full Moon on September 29-30 challenging Pluto and Uranus. This could be the most intense Full Moon of 2012.

Breakdown to Breakthrough - Major changes are to be expected. The secret to our success in a shifting environment is our willingness to experience rapid evolution. While our growth can be swift and painful at times, our rewards, too, can be great.

A Full Moon is an opposition between the Sun and the Moon. Oppositions are awareness's that come to us externally through people, places, situations and events.

The Libra Sun centers on relationships, partnerships, love, balance, harmony and justice. The Aries Moon symbolizes action, independence, inspiration, courage, enthusiasm and originality.

The Aries Moon is coupled with erratic Uranus opposing the Sun in Libra. All are T-squaring (intensely challenged) by calculating Pluto. We can expect the unexpected. We can experience sudden surprises. Drama and anger could be at an all time high. Be calm. Act from a place of calmness. We are moving from breakdown to breakthrough.

  • What self-limiting patterns/beliefs do you need to release?
  • Does your inner critic hold you back from taking chances?
  • What needs to change for you to experience greater freedom and Joy?

    Asteroid Ceres in Cancer is the great Mother Goddess forming the missing leg in this Full Moon T-square (intense confrontation). Goddess Ceres creates a grand square between Pluto in Capricorn, Moon/Uranus in Aries and the Sun in Libra. Cardinal signs are extremely powerful.

    Cardinal signs mark the change of seasons. All four seasons are being activated at the Full Moon. This speaks to the birth of the new human. Ceres rules nurturance issues. Ceres beckons us to move from hierarchal models to co-creative relationship between the masculine and the feminine, between humanity and Mother Earth--Gaia.

    Ceres will be squaring (challenging) Uranus and Pluto through May of 2013. Ceres will be redefining the rules of power and the roles of women. Women are being encouraged to stand in their power and speak their truth. Men are being inspired to open their hearts and express their feelings. We are to blaze new trails in right relationships, right economics, and rightful care of our environment.

  • What is right for you?
  • What is your right life path?
  • What are your right relationships?
  • What is right work/livelihood?
  • What does your heart want?

    This Aries Full Moon has another drama playing out and speaking to the upsurge of feminine power. Venus, the traditional ruler of Libra and Taurus is challenging the North Node in Scorpio. There are two points on the Moon that are very important. The North Node and the South Node, The North Node in Scorpio is joined with Mars. The South Node is in Taurus. Venus Goddess of love, beauty and abundance is in Leo. Venus is testing the Nodes. Venus is urging us to protect what is most dear to our hearts. What we love and value. We must fight for the rights of women, children and humanity in nonviolent ways. Peaceful protesting will win the day!

    We can choose to be positive and proactive, even when our growth is swift and sore. We must be willing to do our inner work. This means taking full responsibility for our choices and behavior. Do what we must, keep moving and be forward focused. Ultimately, our Soul-Self must take dominion over our ego personality for our lasting success and happiness.

    Action Hero Mars rules the Aries Full Moon. Mars joined with the North Node in Scorpio are breaking new ground. Mars is chiefly protective of the rights of the individual. Mars is the depositor (agent) of Uranus. For instance, Mars is carrying out the directives of Uranus. Uranus travels through the personal zodiac signs (Aries-Virgo) for decades to come keeping the focus on the needs and wants of the individual. Uranus in Aries challenging Pluto in Capricorn is the fight between big government, corporations and the needs, wishes, desires and will of the people.

    The Wheel of Fortune (life) in the Tarot is connected to Uranus. The wheel of life speaks to our luck and destiny. Consider that all four seasons (Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn) are being simultaneously engaged by Uranus. The Aries Full Moon signifies the wheel of life. We are to take our cues from unexpected events and synchronicities. The fates are coaxing us in a new direction. We are free to resist. Yet, you profit by going with the flow and seeing where life opens up for you. Our thoughts and beliefs turn the wheel of life. Empowerment comes from taking chances and following our intuition.

    The Aries Full Moon cosmic message is to Be Bold. Be Love. Be Flexible.

    Don't allow what you can't do to interfere with what you can do. We need deep healing given these transformational energies and events. Practice Extreme Self-care, set boundaries with those who are not loving and respectful. It is better if you get ahead of the curve with innovation by altering your personal patterns and shifting out of old habits. Even if the new you upsets others, it is far riskier to stand still. It is smarter and wiser to move ahead now.

    In Libra we are being asked to upgrade our relationships. The biggest relationship is with Self. How are you taking care of you? This will determine whether you are riding the evolutionary wave to your new shore/destination. Or, are you fighting the changes, struggling to keep "the status quo" to keep things the same when the universe is clearly showing you otherwise. Ride the wave, resistance if futile. Be open to the new and allow the energy to carry you!

    "The caterpillar does all the work but the butterfly gets all the publicity." ~ George Carlin

    Love and Peace,
    Kelley Rosano

    Kelley Rosano is an authority on astrology, coaching and spirituality. Kelley offers empowering, inspiring and uplifting Astrological Coaching. Knowing your personal astrology can give you the edge needed to be triumphant in life, relationships, spiritual life-path, finances and in business. Her website is www.kelleyrosano.com

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