Friday, August 31, 2012

The Blue Moon of August. 31, 2012

This is a powerful message from JustChanneling.

Blue Moon Transmission via Judy Satori ~ The 31st of August is what is called a "blue moon", with two full moons this month.

Today is an opportunity for us all to sit quietly, let go of cares and concerns and go within the heart to the truth of our being.

We are at a time of expansion of body and mind. Energy is flooding into the Earth and indeed the entire Milky Way Galaxy through a stargate, or energy portal, opening on the star Aldebaran.

This stargate is opening as part of a Divine Plan for the evolutionary advancement of all life within this galaxy. However, this influx of energy can be challenging for us to adapt to, both physically and emotionally.

The focus of this "blue moon" transmission is to bring through a message of encouragement and support, as well as energy transmissions to stabilize and strengthen the inner foundations of YOU.

August Blue Moon (21 minutes of music and channeling)

After listening to the video in the background while I was working on formatting this article for the blog, I noticed an increase in joy and lightness that I didn't expect, because such a dramatic difference isn't the usual for me for most channelings. I'll be playing it often during the day...keeping those vibes up.

Does anyone know what language is spoken in the channeling session? - Pleiadian? Banner

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