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Jupiter Moves into Gemini June 11, 2012

By Jacqueline Chenhall

As Jupiter, traditionally known in astrology as the planet of good luck and abundance, leaves plodding Taurus and moves into Gemini on 11th June 2012, life will quicken into a much faster pace for everyone. Why? Well generally, Gemini's day to day mode of expression is far speedier than other zodiac signs. Although, Jupiter will have a more profound effect on those with strong Gemini planets, particularly Sun sign Gemini's, as Jupiter falling on their Sun directly will bring immediate action.

If you are not a Sun sign Gemini, then the area in your birth chart ruled by Gemini may now begin to see many changes. If you do not know your birth chart, keep an eye on any area that brings an opportunity for something new or renewed growth.

Jupiter's natal position in your Astrology birth chart reveals how we express our generosity and tolerance, and which area of life brings us happiness and unexpected rewards. These qualities are beneficial and necessary as we go through life, helping our basic personality grow and giving us all renewed hope. Therefore, people born with Jupiter in Gemini in astrology attract good fortune when they use their natural wit and versatile personality to put other people at ease.

As a dual, masculine and mutable Air sign, they are the social butterfly of the zodiac, inclined and adept at performing multiple tasks at once. They are sometimes referred to as a jack of all trades. Subsequently, with Jupiter entering Gemini, their natural curiosity, wit and adventurous personality will seem to rub off on others, as people become more socially mobile, travelling more locally than usual or perhaps beginning a new course in languages, media, or computers.

Jupiter in Gemini gives the opportunity to study and more easily comprehend intellectual subjects such as religion, law, and philosophy. Expanding your mind will no doubt also expand your social circle, too. As a dual sign ruled by the twins, there is also the possibility of combining work and pleasure, bringing many a second income, or turning a hobby into a lucrative business venture. For Jupiter is considered the planet of luck and expansion, increasing anything it touches.

But this expansion can also include our waistbands - especially as in June 2012 Jupiter joins transiting Venus, having been in Gemini from April until August 7th. So some Geminis may be unable to resist life's temptations, overindulging in all life's good things, including romance, food and anything or anyone yummy! Although generally light and picky eaters, this year there could be a tendency for Geminis to naturally increase their weight if they are not careful.

Nevertheless, the feeling this year generally for Sun sign Gemini is as if a guardian angel is by their side, bringing magical new opportunities. Between now and June 2013, life could take on a whole new direction. If you are a Gemini and have been dreaming of a new job in a foreign country, or a completely new business venture, now is the time to start sowing the seeds. For a whole new twelve year cycle is about to begin, giving you the green light to "Go", with a powerful eclipse in Gemini on 20th May in 2012 too. To top it off, it's also in alignment with imaginative Neptune, enhancing dreams. Just be vigilant to look both ways before you go, making sure you see the situation all around you clearly.

Interestingly, Concorde started its flight with Jupiter in Gemini, and we also saw the start of frozen foods. However, as Gemini is considered accident prone, we may see possible aeroplane accidents. People should also be careful with any breaks to the hand, arm or shoulder under this transit, and there could be noticeably increased numbers of chest infections such as bronchitis and respiratory ailments. It may also be advantageous to wear the colour yellow, as it is Gemini's hue, symbolizing protection, clarity and intellectual stimulation.

The countries of Egypt and Wales are ruled by Gemini in astrology, along with locations, including San Francisco, Versailles and London. All these places may headline the worldwide news more than usual. This is evident in London preparing for additional traffic from the Olympics in July, and the community celebrations of the Queen's Jubilee. Also, the banking and media industry may once again see more underhandedness come to the fore, as daily activities and Jupiter's legal changes affect lives.

You will begin to see more new initiatives in early learning, from parenting skills being introduced to the importance of care in and after pregnancy. Also, advanced innovations in computers, literature and improvements in travel may be imminent, but there could also be more fraudulent enterprises coming out of the woodwork, as Gemini is the sign of the trickster. So goes the old saying, "all that glitters is not gold", but with Jupiter in Gemini you should be able to gleam some great nuggets of knowledge.

To understand more about the role in Astrology of the planet Jupiter, why not check out this excellent Planet's Guide which features an analysis of them all? Or get a Live Psychic reading for more detailed information on how Jupiter in Gemini will impact you.

Jacqueline Chenhall is a writer and proof reader, and writes for English Astrologer Patrick Arundell.

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