Saturday, May 05, 2012

New Energies for May 2012

By Claudia McNeely

Some of us find it difficult to believe that we actually survived the month of April. It was an intense month for us and for the Earth. We were faced with letting go of things that no longer served us. Our lives were shaken up, over and over, bringing the denseness to the surface to be released.

The emotions that came up to be dealt with included sadness, grief, depression and anger. We found ourselves feeling these emotions for seemingly no reason and with an intensity that we have not felt before.

We were forced to let go of things and people, whether we were ready or not. People left our lives through relationships ending and through an increase in deaths. Many lost their jobs and their income. Letting go was the lesson for us in April.

As we move into May, we will continue to let go of the things or people that no longer serve us. We will be forced to look at our values, the things that are important to us, how important WE are to ourselves. We will be looking at how much we value ourselves and what we are willing to tolerate in our lives.

May will be filled with emotional highs and lows as we review our relationships with others, ourselves and our world. It will not be easy releasing the limitations that have been holding us back.

The May 5 Full Moon, the 'Flower Moon' is a 'Supermoon'. It is expected to be 14 percent brighter and 30 percent bigger than the average full moon. It is also Wesak, or the celebration of Buddha, and Cinco de Mayo. This day is all about releasing limitations and moving forward. With this being the first Full Moon of Spring, it is all about rebirth.

Venus will begin moving in retrograde motion on May 15. This will cause us to begin looking at our relationships and whether they are serving our highest good. If a relationship is on the verge of ending, this is a likely time for that to happen.

We have seen many changes in our world recently. The Light is getting brighter every day, shining into the darkness and illuminating all that has been hidden. All that is not Light is bring brought to the surface to be released and healed. This will occur much faster during May.

If you have been following the information released by David Wilcock and Drake, you are aware of the lawsuits that have been filed which will totally change the way our world operates. This is expected to reach a conclusion soon, with the assistance of these energies.

We are moving into a New World, a world of Peace. This month does much to accelerate our journey. Although it seems we will never arrive, one day we will burst out to the other side and finally reach our destination.

Keep this end in sight as you traverse this month of stories ending, knowing that a new story will soon have the opportunity to begin.

Claudia McNeely is a Clairvoyant Psychic, Master Energy Healer and Law of Attraction Coach. Request a free ebook on 'Self-Healing' at

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