Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Transit of Venus

By Astrologer Philip Sedgwick

Preparing for the Transit of Venus

How interesting that with Mars retrograde - Mars being the masculine archetype and all - that so much is coming up regarding matters of Venus.

Venus and Mars are the two classical planets least likely to be retrograde. How curious that we presently endure the retrograde of Mars only slightly before the retrograde of Venus. It's almost as if our collective attention is being grabbed by these planets for a wake-up call.

This next Venus retrograde is not just a rare event in retrogradation land. This time Venus “transits” the Sun. Essentially the geometry of an eclipse, on June 6th Venus will be seen to cross over the disk of the sphere of the Sun. This rare alignment happens in intervals of eight years (since the last one in 2004), 105.5 years (until the next one), eight years and then 121.5 years after that. The last cycles in the late Nineteenth Century started the suffrage movements in New Zealand and the United States and also marked the dawn of workers’ reform.

Venus represents social standards, women’s right in society, economics - personal and collective - and more personally, needs and wants.

Recent political news in the United States certainly speaks to Venus matters. The recent wildfire regarding contraception insurance benefits in the United States relates to Venus on the woman’s rights and economic fronts.

The Susan B. Komen foundation for Cancer research lost a heap of support and money - both Venus things - because of their decision to take away funding from planned parenthood. And in these circumstances, another Venus question is not even addressed: Does the Earth have the resources to support an unlimited supply of new humans on the planet?

Also in the mix is the major effort to do away with unions, largely led by plutocrats whose last name unfortunately is the same as an astrological method for dividing up the sky. I admit bias here. I am a union writer and believe in the aid that unions can offer astrological writers without the resources to take on major corporations that arbitrarily decide to ignore contracts. Unions, in terms of what they offer, may be considered to fall under the auspices of Venus.

On the economic front in the U. S. opposing party politicians speak of the other party’s plans as evil, ignorant and certainly intending to hurt the people. No worries. Venus is fixing to clear up all of this.

While I’ll reserve my opinions on the economic themes, I can comment on the opinion of Venus. Woe be unto the politician who seeks to shut off social services and the needs of the people. Woe be unto the politician that disregards the rights of women. Woe be unto the politician who seeks to keep workers disadvantaged. Venus has worked long and hard since the last transits (1882 and 1874) to offset suppression and inequality in social and economic matters. I doubt seriously that a politician who supports undoing any of that will fare well following the Venus transit in June.

Last week another interesting event took place of Venus import. The United States Navy named a ship for Representative Gabrielle Giffords. The USS Gabrielle Giffords, LCS-10, will patrol coastlines involved in antisubmarine, mine sweeping and surface warfare. While this is not the only time a ship has been named for a woman or a living person, like Venus transits and retrogrades this is a rare event. As an added note, this inspiring woman received martial recognition during the Mars retrograde era.

So those are some collective considerations that apply to the current retrogrades. What about for you personally?

How about during Mars retrograde, you...

Review all standard modes of action for alignment with the intended result. You know, is your approach compelling or off putting? Can you get more bears with honey than vinegar? And, why do you want bears?

Consider if those things you unconsciously seek actually fit your big picture aspirations and dharmic claims?

Establish a highly motivated engine burn for all things that summon your attention and passionate creativity?

Pause in the face of knee-jerk reactions prior to responding?

And, how about if during the Venus retrograde interval (May 15 - June 27), you...
Ask yourself what you truly need?

- Contemplate your resources, merit and worth, both tangible and intangible?
- Value your intangible resources with greater ferocity than the tangible. After all, those things intangible and of your nature will never go away unless you ignore them?
- Establish your personal criteria for what is it you need, what is it you want, and the justification system in place regarding both?
- Determine your place in the social structure of life? Cut out things that do not fit? Include yourself in supportive and stimulating circles?
- Consider what you might be able to do about collective matters regarding Venus? If you feel a calling, this might be the perfect time to answer the bell.

By no means are the above intended to be a complete list. Just a little something to get you thinking about how you go about having your life work out better and what it is that you’re ardently seeking to manifest for yourself in the perfect world of fantastical imagination.

I might be a bit scarce in Galactic Times posts in the near future. Unless there’s a new planet discovery or some such thing, I will likely be light in output. Look for an announcement toward the end of the month, though.

Bottom line, if you want a consultation, get on with scheduling. That way you can ensure you get the time you need in advance of whatever Venus-Mars retrograde situations you face. Finally, note the banner for Norwac below. This year it’s earlier than normal. This is a great conference and I’ll be there. As usual, Norwac will be top shelf and something positive to do during Mars retrograde.

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