Saturday, January 14, 2012

Recipes from the Dead: Recap from CoasttoCoastam January 14, 2012

Mary Ann Winkowski is one of my favorite guests on the CoasttoCoastam radio show. She is a delightful psychic who gets detailed information about spirits on the other side.

So, here is a recap from Coast to Coast of Mary Ann Winkowski's latest interview with talk show host George Noory:

Recipes from the Dead:
In the first half of the program, ghostbuster Mary Ann Winkowski talked about her cookbook of recipes from the dead, Beyond Delicious: The Ghost Whisperer's Cookbook: More than 100 Recipes from the Dearly Departed

She said spirits began giving her recipes from the other side about 30 years ago, when she was clearing the house of a woman who had been baking a nut roll. According to Winkowski, a ghost in the home told her, "They may smell good, but they are terrible. [The owner] makes a horrible nut roll."

The spirit then offered her own nut roll recipe, Winkowski added. In another case, she recalled a homeowner lamenting that her aunt passed away before sharing a recipe for gum drop cookies. A ghost in that house offered to summon the departed aunt so she could give her living niece the recipe, Winkowski revealed. Male ghosts are even more insistent about passing on their recipes for steak and barbecue, she noted.

Some of these spirits did not cross over because they felt guilty for never properly passing on their recipes, Winkowski continued. Those interested in getting a special recipe from a departed loved one can ask for it the next time they dream about that person, she suggested.

Winkowski also spoke about scary earthbound spirits that can come into homes through energy openings called portals. Unlike ghosts that use the front door to enter a dwelling, spirits that come through portals typically have bad attitudes and cause problems for the residents, she explained. In life they were likely victims of murder or suicide, drug addicts, prisoners, pedophiles, or rapists, she said. The one positive with such spirits is that they can only stay for a day or two, Winkowski noted. She pointed out that portals are actually blown open by the living, and any house were a murder or suicide has taken place probably has one. Winkowski recommended smudging with sage to keep portal spirits at bay.


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