Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice and Ceremony 2011

By Astrologer Loy Young

December 21, 2011 at 9:30 pm, PST, marks the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere with a most long dark night. Winter Solstices are a time of deep and profound reflection.

Darkness Construed as Evil
There's a different emphasis now at the December solstice with the Goddess of Love being the vanguard of the matriarch civilization from the last few thousand years. During the patriarch period, Darkness was often construed as Evil with Light being viewed as Good. Way too often, men were seen as white and light, and women were viewed as dark and negative.

Winter Solstice Ceremonies
At the Winter Solstice, great ceremonies were enacted with participants wearing black cloaks covering white gowns. The participants would come face to face with the harm they had caused to others since the June Summer Solstice and write down on paper their wrongdoings. Then most dramatically and with full flair, they would cast their papers smeared with their evil deeds into the fire, cleansing their souls.

Asking Forgiveness
Then they would ask for forgiveness for their transgressions. When given by whoever was the officiating authority, they would drop their dark robes, letting their white gowns glimmer as they danced and swayed around the fire.

Underlying Goodness
The white gowns symbolized their underlying goodness. They would dance until the Sun would begin to appear, making sure they had rid themselves of all evil actions. Then they would walk toward the Sun, the light, with great aspirations of goodness filling themselves before they went home.

Beauty in Both Dark and the Light
The Goddess of Love says there is beauty and goodness in both the dark and the light, as well as harmful extremes of both. If you want to connect with the positive aspects of both, you'll want to awaken your consciousness.

What did You Do That Was Loving?
Instead of looking for everything you did wrong and bad, you want to put your attention on what you did right, what you did that was loving and caring. Automatically, this will bring into your consciousness all that you did that was not loving anyway; just don't stop there and dwell. Keep on going until you find those loving actions, no matter how small the emerging sprouts.

Natural To Begin With The Outside
It's natural that you'll start with the outside, with other people. That's just fine, make that list first if that's where you feel most comfortable. It's quite a shift to move more into your inner realms which is your own darkness and really can only be accessed by feelings and your intuition.

Light Accessed Through Outer Senses
The light was the outer, what you could access through your outer senses. The way you became aware of your own inner depths was by discovering it in others, both positively and negatively.

Quantum Jump in Evolution
Evolution wise, you're making a quantum jump now by peering into your inner realms without holding someone else up as a mirror to show you yourself.
The real list that eventually you want to make this astrological year though is what you did that showed you really cared for yourself. The love inside of you will only open when it trusts you'll care consistently for yourself, and not be a needy person begging for it from others.

You're Unique
Your present journey is to find and radiate the love hidden deep with you. That's actually your service to others, shining your own light, no matter how different you might be from others. You weren't born to be exactly like everyone else, you have a uniqueness that's all your own to radiate and contribute to the whole.

Dare You Discover You?
Do you dare discover your own light and then show it? Your uniqueness is not bad, it's love. Anything other than love is not it; just a detour to keep you from your own specialness. Get back on the road to love, you'll find it.

Your Contribution to the Oneness
That's why caring for yourself is so important, it's really the key that unlocks your own unique flavor of love. Don't settle for anything else, and once you embrace it, you'll want to express it through your actions. That's when your true destiny begins to unfold, leading you to your place, your contribution to the whole, to the oneness.

Matriarch Winter Solstice Ceremony
Instead of being outside with a fire burning, go inside in a comfy home setting and gather around a fireplace.

1. Wear a black robe or dark clothing that's sensual to the touch like a black silk robe.

2. Have with you a gorgeous pen and lovely paper, ready poised to be your assistants in some deep Winter Solstice reflection.

3. As the sun goes down, draw a line down the center of the page, and put on one side, OTHERS and one side YOU.

4. Then begin to write down all the good, the loving and the caring actions that you've been doing for the last six months, since the Summer Solstice. Whose side does the action go on, Others or You?

5. Remember when a harmful transgression comes up, don't write it down, but pause and be compassionate and heartfelt for your learning curve.

6. Once you've exhausted your list relating to others, take more time for you. Ask yourself, what percentage of your time could you honestly say you are caring to and for yourself?

7. How far have you come since the Summer Solstice in caring for yourself, again think in percentages?

8. Now ask yourself, have you as yet connected with your own gorgeous uniqueness, or is it still hiding inside of you? Think in percentages.

More Winter Ahead
Know you still have some dark time, some winter ahead. You can delve more into your inner realms, through caring for yourself. It's caring that will unfold your love which holds the chalice of your destiny, your rarity that is a piece of the puzzle of the whole, the oneness.

March Equinox
Vow to become and express the rare but exquisite gem that you are during the winter months ahead. The March Equinox is the beginning of a new astrological year, and there will be a new theme, a new way to fully actualize the Love that you are inside.

You're Awesome, Don't Miss Out!
This year, the method is to become the most caring individual possible to yourself, not asking someone else to do that for you. Their often exceptional way of caring is different from yours, and will only lead you to their uniqueness, not yours. You want to experience and imbibe your own, that's when you'll awaken and revel in your own magnificence. Don't miss out on becoming who you are, you're awesome!

About the Author: Loy Young is an accomplished astrologist and relationship specialist. Loy is devoted to teaching personal empowerment embracing the cosmic energies. Become skilled at creating exceptional relationships and live a remarkable life. Sign up for her FREE Zodiac signs and forecasts newsletter. Use the monthly energies to enhance your relationships and daily life. Visit Loy at

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