Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cosmic Blip - Sky Matters by Astrologer Philip Sedgwick

There's a small slew of astronomical news making Internet news pages.

First, astronomers searching for new planets - extrasolar planets, or those orbit stars other than our own - have recently discovered a planet they believe will be habitable as defined by human life needs. Kepler 22b, as the planet is known, corresponds to 7 Aquarius 40. Migration to this planet is not likely during this lifetime, so it may not serve as a safety net in case humankind does not sufficiently evolve. As far as I know, though, you might be able to incarnate on this planet in a future incarnation.

Given that we now know of nearly 600 planets around other stars other than our own, and that we believe there to be more than 70 sextillion stars out there, this news is particularly not sky-shattering.

Astronomers have reported three "new" super-massive black hole discoveries. One of these for all intents and purposes is the Super-Galactic Center (please visit the article on my website using the Galactic Anomalies link), which has been part of my data for years, and another new one also lies within the nucleus of our super-galaxy (thirty plus galaxies of which ours is one with a common nucleus). For this latest early Libran black hole, I do not yet have an interpretive fix. However, there are numerous black holes in the range of early Libra, serving as companions to this new addition. Add to the complex another super-massive black hole and the urging of this region to restore the most clear essence of direct, hands on, one to one relationship peals just a bit louder.

As well, for the third of these black holes, NGC 3842, located at 18 Virgo 12, I am just starting to conduct initial research and do not yet have a delineation to match.

NGC 3842 offers all of us a chance to discover a new model of evolution over the next months should one attend to Mars. The feisty planet crosses this black hole three times: December 24, February 20 by retrograde, and June 8th, just days after an amazing alignment of Venus to the Sun. This black hole, weighing in at 9.7 billion times the weight of the Sun, now tops the most massive list and as such, should wield enormously powerful influence when transited. Mark your calendar for those days. Around those days say plus or minus two weeks, changes in basic behavior, daily drill and the dutiful response to it, how tasks are managed in life, matters of personal well-being and one’s threshold of tolerance will likely be pushed for major upgrades. Sounds exciting and noteworthy. Look for ways to warp - in a good way - consciousness about life and it’s primal necessities.

Within the new twenty-four hours we shall experience a total lunar eclipse across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. In lunar eclipse geometry the earth passes between the Sun and Moon, blocking solar light from reaching the moon. Symbolically, pesky earthly matters - like mundane details, tasks at hand, projects on various burners, and addressing important real life issues that may have been put off and that stirring one’s psyche on the emotional front, or seeking a place in conscious attention, simply won’t wait any more.

Figure that for the next two weeks concentrated effort must be applied to things on the “get to later” or “when I can” lists. There’s no time like now and two weeks from now might be a bit late for effective resolution of pressing priorities. Psychologically, it becomes a conversation between what one thinks and one knows. It’s a bit like looking for the magic of memorization to kick in. If one keeps repeating the irrational number for pi out to thirty decimal places, soon calling pi 3.1416 will no longer be satisfying. As well, the turmoil is the sense that tasks that are not the most appealing will not be content with being pushed on the schedule as a regular practice.

Consider other patterns occurring during the eclipse. For one, action-figure, Mars, dressed up in his most impeccable super hero costume for perfect holiday present giving (it is in Virgo) forms a testy pattern with the “what’s the meaning of life” and “what the hell and I’m doing with my life anyway” lunar node axis. For another, Mercury, retrograde in Sagittarius and ruling the sign through which the Moon travels during the eclipse, calls out a challenge to Orcus, an underworld landlord, who is more than happy to boot people if they violate TOS (terms of service). Mess with TOS and get tossed. Actually Orcus likes promises uttered that a person intends to keep - a task that suits Mercury. Mars likes action and getting to it, as does the emotional impetus of the eclipse. With the push Mars puts on the purpose first, no laurel resting permitted vibe of the nodal axis, it looks like a time for say and do.

Astrologers often caution against new action during Mercury retrograde. Mercury goes direct in about four days, but that’s after the eclipse. How about this? Use the next day to affirm what you’d like to accomplish next year. Yep, declare your Gregorian New Year resolutions early. While you’re at it, add anything of the resolutions for 2011 that remain incomplete. Then, on the 24th when Mars aligns with this new, hugely intense black hole, get on with it. Do at least one task on December 24th to inch forward each and every aspiration to complete 2011's tasks and establish a perfectly transformational personal agenda for 2012. Not only that, as Mars goes a’caroling past the zodiac porch of NGC 3842 on Christmas Eve, he will be at an exact right angle to the point where tomorrow’s eclipse occurs. At that time all that charge coming to light (or in the Earth’s shadow) during the eclipse gets perfect poke in the patootie. It’s almost like listening to Santa cheer on his reindeer for their annual task that simply boggles the mind in terms of importance, logistics and cost - you know the things people often use as excuses.

Here’s to the eclipse and the nod it gives you to ensure that at the end of the day on Christmas Eve, it is a satisfying, accomplished sip of nog or grog that honors the wisdom of experience gained by those who engage these patterns.

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The four-part forecast for 2012 begins on December 20th. Tell your friends and get them signed up in time.

More soon.

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