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Astrology Forecast for January 2012 by Astrologer Janet Moon

General Tendencies for All Signs

Happy New Year, all. It looks like 2012 will actually start with a happy note. A stellar symphony between Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter will be playing throughout most of January. Mars will turn retrograde on the Chinese New Year, January 23rd, and this may bring a readiness to slow down and "hibernate" as the month ends.

People may be a bit touchy on New Year's Day, but the rest of the week looks like smooth sailing. Mercury will be teaming up with Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter as we approach the weekend of January 6th. The Moon will join in on Saturday, January 7th, and it will be a great time for creative projects and business. Many of us will want to focus that energy into our homes, with the Cancer Full Moon late Sunday night/early Monday morning.

The week of January 9th will begin with the Cancer full moon, and many will be acting on their feelings on Monday. As the week progresses, we should find our energy, our enthusiasm, and our creativity will be increasing with all the inner planets in positive places. Love, sex, harmony, and self-expression will be the tone from Wednesday, January 11th, through Sunday, January 15th.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 16th, will be pleasant, but tensions could start building as early as Tuesday evening, January 17th, with the Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter approaching one hell of a battle. This could decrease one's luck, one's energy, and one's outlook. There could be a few perks over the weekend of January 20th, but don't take any chances before Monday, January 23rd, the Chinese New Year.

Mars will begin his retrograde on the Chinese New Year, so our energy will probably still be low when we begin the week of January 23rd. As we approach the end of the week by Thursday, January 26th, our moods may become a bit more depressed as Mercury follows up behind the Sun in the Jupiter-Saturn battle. But, we should see that our moods have improved by Sunday, January 29th, as the planetary tensions ease up.

There may be some relationship or money upsets as January ends with Venus and Mars coming to a standoff on February 1st. Lovers, watch out for problems on Valentine's day with upsets between Venus and Pluto. Check back next month to find out more.

Note on Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter Aspect this Month. Outer planets are slow and their aspects often affect us more on a subconscious level or as a community. Saturn and Neptune will be trine all of January and February, but Jupiter will only join them for a few weeks. This aspect should bring a tone of optimism, dedication, and spirituality to our day to day lives through January 20th. Many of us may just succeed with our New Year's resolutions this year! Lets do the best we can while the stars are good. As 2012 develops, things are likely to become a lot tougher.

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site at for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast.

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