Saturday, November 26, 2011

Venus Dances with the Stars

By Philip Sedgwick

Venus Goes Dancing With the Stars (well, pulsars actually).

It seems appropriate to make a notation of the current transit of Venus just now in Capricorn, square Uranus and heading to conjoin Pluto within the week. After the rash of anything but festive behavior in this country as shoppers clamored for the best deals on holiday gifts at discount department store chains, it's time to reframe a usage for this transit. Evidently something got missed in the good will toward men (all creatures) in the traditional holiday song stanzas.

This Galactic Times revision plan was prompted when looking through heliocentric patterns and realizing that on January 1st the heliocentric position of Pluto is exactly square the helio nodes of Eris. Oh my gosh, what a great start for a year that promises to shift consciousness regardless of when one believes the Mayan Calendar ends and what that means!

So, with this current passage of Venus in early Capricorn there's more to it than the planetary patterns. During this little sashay of hers, Venus saunters by a collection of x-ray eclipsing binary pulsars, including the pulsar with the fastest spin known in modern astrophysics. This spin and the "remember to look extra deeply into both sides of the coin" recommendation of these pulsars permits manifesting work in nearly superhuman time and with unexpected creativity. Given Venus is onboard with the pulsar passages it just might be possible to monetize projects behind which one holds an intensely passionate creative momentum. "Why delay," asks these pulsars. "Get going while the gettin's good."

Oh yeah, Mercury's retrograde. "Big dang deal," the pulsars counter. Polish your pitch and give it the best go in this remarkably open window. Assuming that those who don't shop at that one infamous chain department store, maybe the building holiday atmosphere might soften the typical hard line one might hear in response to asking for bucks to do something phenomenal.

Though Mercury is retrograde, the conjunction of Mercury to the Earth and Sun eight days from today allows for dotting the t's and crossing the i's on any contract. Get your golden ideas on and go for it. The time for grinding to get to the getting and the getting is good.

That's it. Another Cosmic Blip to remind you of the Mercury-Earth-Sun alignment in about a week and the 2012 gala Galactic Times is in outline form now just weeks away.

One final consultation offer to close out today. Sometimes when in creatively empowered times, one reading a year may not do the trick. So, I decided to offer a consultation package: Session 360. With Session 360, you get two one hour sessions, CD recording included for $360 when paid in advance, whether new or previous client. You have six months from the time of booking to complete both sessions. This package offers you savings of between $50 and $80. If you have had a consultation with me since October 1st of this year, we'll retrofit the package for you. This offer expires December 31st (on the eve of the Pluto to nodes of Eris alignment).

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