Sunday, November 13, 2011

Uranian Astrology Forecast for Nov. 14-30, 2011

By Arlene Nimark

On November 10th there wwas a full Moon at 18º Scorpio Taurus 05 semi-squaring the midpoint of Pluto and Uranus/0 Cardinal, and a 22 ½ to the Venus Mercury conjunction. The focus was on the world economy, especially the problems in Greece, as Hades was midpoint the full Moon and the cardinal axis, and Saturn was 22 ½ to Uranus. This indicates that their backs were against the wall. Lies will begin to filter out of the back rooms and boardrooms as devious Neptune stations to go direct. The cat escapes the bag! Then comes November 14th when Saturn will reach the 22 ½ to Hades, and we may find out who is to be blamed for the damages caused. Danger exists for someone to get shot over this.

We now move on to November 17th, when Hades will be at the midpoint of the Saturn/Uranus axis. This brings losses due to violence. Separations due to violence or nasty occurrences, like escalations of demonstrators, as Mars + Hades = Mercury/Jupiter. Mars/Hades can be murder, and other nasty events, Jupiter/Mercury can indicate many marching or traveling, or taking to the pulpit, with Mars involved inciting the masses. To round out these transits, the Sun/Saturn = 0 Cardinal/Venus, bringing personal financial difficulties to the masses as the holiday season approaches.

Next we turn the page to November 24th - on Thanksgiving Mercury goes retrograde, beginning at 20º Sagittarius 07. Black Friday follows, Friday the 25th, the biggest shopping day of the season, plus the last solar eclipse of the 2011. What a combination! The cardinal axis will be midpoint Uranus and the Mars axis. Many stores will open at midnight as this combo will be in full swing, I do not recommend people subject themselves to the dangers lurking with this planetary picture. In fact, I recommend that people stay home Thanksgiving weekend. For those who have to travel home on Sunday the 27th, drive very carefully as Mars starts off 22 ½ to the midpoint of Uranus and the cardinal axis and then moves to 22 ½ to Uranus and moves a 22 ½ to Uranus and Hades then it moves to Hades. These aspects can bring the possibilities of accidents, thefts and violence, so proceed with caution. Mars shouldn't cause any further trouble after it passes 10º Sagittarius 30 on December 3rd.

Mercury goes direct on December 14th, so wait until after that date to purchase your electronic gifts. For those who intend to fly, consider staying home and have your Thanksgiving dinner with your friends or neighbors, and wait until Christmas to do your long distance travel. By then Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter will be direct and we will be past the Capricorn ingress and the lunar eclipse as well.

Arlene Marcia Nimark is, and has been a full time astrologer since 1980. She has a level IV certification from NCGR, and is on the faculty of New York City Chapter of NCGR. Since 1982 her specialty is in Uranian astrology. She is one of the few who use the full system, 360 degree with it's multiple house systems for intense analysis of the individual, and forecast with the use of the 90 degree dial. Arlene has lectured at UAC' 92, 95, 98, 02 and 08, plus many local as well as National NCGR conferences, the SOTA conference in Toronto, Canada, and at some AFA conferences. She has also done numerous workshops through out the USA, and Mexico using this dynamic system of astrology.


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