Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feeding Chicken Poo to Koi?

I stumbled across this possibility on a number of sites that I was searching Chicken/Greenhouse combination. As of Nov. 1, 2011, it is legal to have up to three hens (no roosters) in our backyards in Sacramento city.

My web search led to resources about chicken/greenhouse/pond and I was surprised to find info about feeding chicken poop to fish on different permaculture sites.

No photos, but one person described that he had a plank above his pond for his chickens to hang out. The chicken poop drops effortlessly into the pond. Fish get fed (is this nutritious enough?) and the "leftovers" feed the pond plants. He also mentions good aeration and oxygen are necessary because of the nitrogen spikes from the poop. That makes sense, but what about if it's an "unnatural" pond with a plastic liner?

Sounds interesting... Some commericial koi growers import barrels of chicken poop to feed their fish.

So I'm thinking...

I have an east-facing sun room where my 3 chicks (egads, one is a rooster) are being raised; a 1000 gallon koi pond adjacent. Does anyone have any experience with any combination of chicken poo/fish pond/greenhouse permaculture?

It's been an hour and I still haven't recovered from the grossness factor of giving my chicks' poo to my pet koi but I'll get over it if it works and my fish maintain good health. Wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge about this?

~ Tara

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