Sunday, August 07, 2011

Twin Flame Activation Teleclass - August 22, 2011

Twin Flame Activation - Tea Party Extravaganza

Your Invitation from Jayne Chilkes & Christia Cummings

Do you wish to meet your Twin Flame?

Do you want the opportunity to embrace more of the happiness and love of a true Twin Flame relationship?

Do you want to grow spiritually and would like to access the support of your Twin Flame at a Higher Self Level?

This teleclass explores ways how to return to that state of wondrous LOVE between Twin Flames and to remind us we have an opportunity to truly grow into our true potential and wholeness as a human being at this time.

There are many soul mates we could meet in our life, yet only one Twin Flame from the beginning of time. Our Twin Flame is our Divine counterpart and completes our soul.

Most Twin Flames are NOT on the earth plane and it is still very rare to meet them in this life. It is also said that if 95% of karma on both sides has been completed, that Twin Flames can live happily together. Being aware of your Twin Flame at a soul level will help you move forward spiritually and access more Divine Love whether He/She is on the earth plane or not.

This Teleclass includes:

- Twin Flame Activation
- Reuniting with your Twin Flame
- Differences between Soul Mate and Twin Flame explained
- Prayers for a true healthy romantic relationship in this dimension
- Meditations to meet Twin Flame at a Soul Level
- Learn to attune to your Twin Flame daily at a Soul Level
- Your Twin Flame creating the New Earth with you
- Your Twin Flame Star Meditation

Monday August 22, 2011 @ 9pm EST
with Jayne Chilkes & Christia Cummings

Please sign up at
Love Donation - $33.

Jayne Chilkes' books can be found at her article page, Meeting Your Twin Flame.

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