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Jupiter Retrograde Aug. 30 thru Dec. 25, 2011

By Kramer Wetzel

Jupiter in Retrograde Motion
August 30, 2011 (3:17 AM) - December 25, 2011 (4:07 PM)

Merry Xmas, huh?

All data is approximate but deemed reasonably accurate.

Basically, Jupiter moves from 10 degrees of Taurus back to Zero Taurus.

"That means, what?"

That retrograde pattern covers the full first 'decan' (ten degree slice) of Taurus, and by extrapolation, the first ten degrees of any fixed sign. As a thumbnail sketch, consider the April Taurus, the July Leo, the October Scorpio, and the January Aquarius -- roughly, the first ten degrees of the sign.

What happens when Jupiter goes retrograde? As a large, lumbering giant of a gas planet, and the planet of good fortune, wishes and dreams come true?

There's a solid and fairly easy-to-understand financial theory that suggests the Jupiter Retrograde is the same as a small, annual recession. Happens every year or so. For a couple of months, this one is just shy of 4 (four) months in duration.

The usual Jupiter Retrograde pattern is about ten degrees and not quite four months.

While Jupiter is frequently referred to as the "Lucky Star," and its traditional interpretations include financial windfall, the ubiquitous "lottery win," and similar visions of brilliant strokes of fate, I'd tend towards a little more refined manner of looking at this one.

Starts with that first ten degrees of Taurus. Second sign in the zodiac, earth sign, fixed sign.

I've used this, literally, in my books, but Taurus is associated with stability. More often than not, Taurus is assumed to be a materialistic sign. It's not. Stability. Not money for money's sake, but money to provide for food and shelter for the future.

So with this Jupiter going backwards in Taurus, and with the Jupiter Retrograde pattern affecting the first ten degrees of fixed signs throughout the zodiac, the real message isn't about Taurus or money.

As Jupiter backs down through the first ten degrees of Taurus and the fixed signs, the message is about examining core beliefs.

The function is that the core of the belief system, whatever it is, the central foundation, that portion of a system that is rock-solid? The parts that make the foundation, the pieces that are held to be immovable? They will be shaken.

In some examples, questioning the system isn't bad. A healthy dose of skepticism is valid. Perhaps the whatever is being questioned, perhaps the foundations are indeed rock-solid. Perhaps there's no reason to examine the roots and grounded portions of the system. Maybe there are no questions at all.

Still, with Jupiter and his inquisitive nature, we might all benefit from a lingering examination of core ideas.

The joke is an old philosophy piece of humor. Student comes into the Philosophy class late, final exam. The professor is sitting at his desk in the front of the room, with a chair on his desk, and the question for the exam, on the black board?

"Prove this chair exists."

The late student looks at the other student, all furiously writing long treatises on the nature of being and existence.

The latecomer, he looks at the board, the question, the professor. The late student grabs the chair, and smacks the professor over the head.

Only one to receive an "A" on that final.

The point to the humor is less about proving our existence, and existential angst, and more about being willing to look at the core beliefs. Jupiter's retrograde period calls for an examination of beliefs -- not necessarily changing anything, just a poking sure what we have is solid enough.

See if it's real. The chair? Easiest way to prove it's real? Touch it.

When Jupiter's retrograde pattern unfolds? Test the core beliefs.

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