Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Astrology Forecast for September 2011 by Janet Moon

General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

This summer has been filled with changes and upsets from eclipses, to outer planetary battles, to Mercury's retrograde. The one thing about astrology, for all the bad days we endure, there will be good days ahead, and September will be a testament to that. We will have a few down days, but nothing much until the end of the month. Virgo is the sign of harvest, and we should find that this month will be our time to catch up on all those summer projects still waiting on us (including "play days").

September begins with the Sun shaking hands with Jupiter, and that means good-luck and big adventures. Labor Day weekend will be great for travel and outdoor barbecues. We should emerge from our holiday feeling refreshed and ready to work. Things may get a bit confusing, or some may reach for their addictions around Wednesday and Thursday, September 7th and 8th, but clarity will return by the 9th.

Many will be ready to express their feelings, and there may even be some romance in the air in the days approaching the Full Moon on Monday, September 12th. Conversations could be very persuasive during this time, so if you have something to say, this would be an excellent time to speak up. In fact, work should go well, and coworkers will be polite and cooperative all the way through Wednesday, September 14th.

There could be relationship and money problems beginning Friday, September 16th, with Pluto turning direct while being attacked by Venus and Uranus. There could be jealousy and fear creeping into our minds, and relationships could encounter unexpected breakups. Accidents will also be likely, so use caution driving. Luckily this aspect won't last long, and things should be returning back to normal by Monday, September 19th.

Mars and Uranus will be singing an encouraging melody throughout the week of September 19th. We will be ready to look to the future and stop dwelling on the past. Many of us will feel energized, and we may want to look at our problems from a different perspective.

Problems and irritations may start eating at us again as early as Saturday, September 24th with the Sun and Mercury approaching a battle with Uranus and Pluto. This irritation will continue to grow through Wednesday, September 28th. The Libra New Moon on September 27th could leave us feeling out of balance and very frustrated. There could be problems with relationships, family, friends, and co-workers. Extra expenses could pop up, and by all means, think before investing or spending money during this time.

By September 29th, Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), our attitudes and enthusiasm should return with Mercury and the Sun shaking hands with Mars. We will be ready to act, and our thoughts will be clear. But, come early October, we may be ready to run away! Check back next month to find out more.

About the Author: Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology and read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. Website:

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