Monday, July 18, 2011

Newsletter and Channeled Message

... from The Angels Channel and Jayne Chilkes

Dear Ones:

This past month of June 2011 has been full of eclipses and very powerful ending with a solar eclipse on July 1st with a new moon in Cancer. This could be another major turning point or breakthrough for us.

Changes are within us and it has hard to keep any of the old hidden emotions down. It seems everyone and everything is exploding with the old and have a choice to move into the wonderful NEW energies.

I hope each of you find a way to embrace the New and step into your own God Self.

Blessings Jayne


Message from Dr Kruger channelled through Jayne:

Dear Children of the Light,
It is with great pleasure that I speak with you in this way. It is said that in every moment we have a choice. A choice to shine in our Light or to fade into gloom. Now is a time of great opportunities to take the Light instead of the gloom. To see your whole being come back to health on all levels. To receive the higher frequencies and leave the old self behind.

The Light is available to you and we ask you to take the greatest opportunity of your life to walk in your own power in an ascended body. It will all be done through your Heart Wisdom.

Our soul group of Angels, Masters and Solar Lords are all now in a higher frequency of Love drawing you ever closer to your new frequency of Love. We are asking you to come with us, and it is time.

God bless you.
Dr Kruger and team


Solar Eclipse: 1 Jun 2011 11Gem01
Lunar Eclipse: 15 Jun 2011 24Sag23
Solar Eclipse: 1 Jul 2011 09Can12

Eclipses signal big changes and offer enormous potential for transformation. During eclipse periods, pretty much everything is accelerated and amplified. Plus The Mayan Ninth Wave and volatile outer-planet configurations add to the mix.


The Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar 2011

Did you notice any reactions in the last few months?

Period Duration Midpoint Step in Process

Day 1 Mar 9 – Mar 26 Mar 17-18 seeding
Mar 27 – April 13 April 4-5

Day 2 April 14 – May 1 April 22-23 germination
May 2 – May 19 May 10-11 reaction

Day 3 May 20 – June 6 May 28-29 sprouting
June 7 – June 24 Jun 15-16

Day 4 June 25 – July 12 Jul 3-4 leaf formation
July 13 – July 30 Jul 21-22

Day 5 July 31 – Aug 17 Aug 8-9 budding
Aug 18 – Sept 4 Aug 26-27 destruction

Day 6 Sept 5 – Sept 22 Sept 13-14 flowering
Sept 23 – Oct 10 Oct 1-2

Day 7 Oct 11 – Oct 28 Oct 19-20 fruition


Jayne Chilkes is expert on twin souls and twin flames, healer, Channel, Therapist, and Teacher, for sending this video to me. Jayne has written three books The Call of an Angel, Twelve Steps to Heaven: Introducing Twin Flames, Angels and Soul Wisdom and The New DNA Personal and Universal Transformation. Her expertise lies is in Soul Channeling and Healing, Twin Flame Reunion and Unique Channeling of your DNA Information utilising Sound Healing. Jayne's website is

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