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Astrology Forecast for August 2011 by Psychic Astrologer Janet Moon

General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

Mercury's retrograde will be dominating most of August, and shortly after Mercury turns direct, Jupiter will turn retrograde. Therefore, we will probably find ourselves drawn to issues from our pasts most of this month.

There could also be a few distractions popping up with Mars aspecting 4 of the 5 outer planets this month, and progress may get put on the back burner. Kick back on the lawn chair as much as you can this month and have another Mint Julep, because life may be taking you on a roller coaster ride.

August and Ramadan will begin with all kinds of planetary commotion. Mercury will be approaching his retrograde station (Aug 2nd) while opposing Neptune, so minds may be confused, and travel could contain lots of detours.

The Sun will be arguing with Jupiter, and that could lead to bad luck, personal problems, and a lack of motivation. Venus and Uranus will be complementing each other, so we may also encounter unexpected good fortune and/or romance. And lastly, Mars and Neptune will be singing in the background. This could bring creative energy and strong, accurate intuitions.

By Thursday, August 4th, life could be changing again with Mars, Venus, and the Sun moving on to new targets. Thursday and Friday could turn out to be very busy days. The Sun and Saturn will be shaking hands, giving us determination and a good rapport with authority figures. But, Venus and Jupiter will be screaming at one another, and this may bring upset feelings and blood sugar problems (watch out for binge eating).

While these 4 planets are performing on the left and right stages, Mercury will be grabbing the center stage spotlight as he lines up with Mars, Neptune, and the Moon to create the most positive aspect in astrology (a grand trine forming a kite). This will stimulate our mental juices, and creative projects may get our attention. These two days will be excellent days for writing, artistic projects, ghost hunting, psychic readings, and getting support for your ideas.

Things should calm down a bit on Saturday, August 6th, and we may be ready to focus on our careers. But... by Sunday, August 7th, the unexpected could interrupt us. We may hear about a scandal, or maybe just some juicy gossip on Sunday and Monday. There will also be a substantial chance for accidents (particularly on the highways) most of the week of August 8th, but especially on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with Mars and Uranus squaring off. The threat of accidents may weaken by Wednesday, but there will still be a strong potential for arguments, and an uneasy, restless feeling may be haunting us through Friday, August 12th, with Mars at a stand-off with Pluto.

Life should begin to improve with the Aquarius Full Moon on Saturday, August 13th, and the week of August 15 looks advantageous with Mars and Jupiter shaking hands. Monday and Tuesday, August 15th and 16th, should be especially beneficial with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury all combining their energy. It will be a great time for short trips, and the people we meet will be charming. Our minds will be sharp, and we will be ready to get down to the details of any project. Mars and Jupiter will also be giving us opportunities to express ourselves throughout the week.

The Sun and Venus will be ganging up on Neptune for the weekend of August 20th, and this could cause poor judgment, addictive thinking, and even just plain stupidity! Postpone all the decisions that you can until Tuesday, August 23rd, when the Sun enters Virgo.

The Sun and Venus will be ending their dispute with Neptune by the first day of Virgo, but Mars, Saturn, and Mercury will already be generating our next challenges.

Mars and Saturn (two very opposite planets) may be causing lethargy, jerky motion, and lots of extra work for us from August 23rd through Saturday, August 27th, and Mercury will be turning direct, (Direct Station) on August 26th, creating travel and communication problems. So, our work could be hard, our energy low, and our messages may be misunderstood. But... Venus and Pluto will be holding hands in the background, which could help to sweeten the ordeal. Mercury, Mars, and Saturn may be causing problems, but Venus and Pluto will bring good friends to help us through it.

Most of the excitement should end by Saturday, August 27th, and many will be ready to make a few changes for the better in their lives.

The Sun and Pluto will be singing in harmony on the Virgo New Moon on August 28th. It will be a great day for cleaning and setting goals.

Jupiter will turn retrograde on the last day of Ramadan, August 30th, but Venus will be at a very positive aspect to Jupiter helping to ease the process. Those with dominate Sagittarius in their charts may actually welcome the slowdown.

Life should be much easier the first 15 days of September, but after that the drama will return. Check back next month to find out more.

About the Author: Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology and read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. Website:


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