Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mars in Gemini

By Heliocentric Astrologer Philip Sedgwick

Mars into Gemini and...

Within the past 24 hours Mars entered Gemini. Now it finishes dealing with the last stars in the asterism - a sub constellation within a constellation - of the Pleiades. The seven weeping sisters - or brothers - depending upon the mythological source referenced - weep because Jupiter and Eris conspired to reverse the order of the heavens. As this dynamic duo did what they did, the Sun and Moon rose in the west and the stars reversed their course. Evidently the stars of the Pleiades were not in on the trick Jupiter played on the leader of Mycenae and began crying to lament their reversal of fortune.

Now the reversal lasted but one day, just long enough to create a new perspective, get a fresh pair of eyes on the circumstances at hand and shift points of view. Evidently, the stars of the Pleiades continued to weep, thus establishing their reputation for ongoing grieving.

So okay, now Mars is in Gemini and out of the fixed sign Taurus. The new Mars rules starting today and for the next month are officially in play. Check out alternatives. Take in new points of view. Form new opinions about situations providing you with grief, particularly Eris-theme matters, let go and move on.

Eris theme matters refer to being obsesses with status and/or success; being isolated, excluded, shunned and/or not being taken seriously. Now Mars asks that you take yourself seriously. Adopt an option-oriented approach to all things, be flexible and receptive to rewriting, retooling, reviewing and reworking plans in progress to perfectly match up with the needs of those you seek to engage.

Mars urges shaking off the urge to remain stuck, intolerant, inflexible, intractable and somewhat grumpy. What a great way to honor the solstice than to shed new light on the goings on in your life and renew all pursuits with a greater level of conscious clarity!

Want to hear a great invocation of Mars entering Gemini and the arrival of the Solstice - other than tomorrow it will be hellaciously hot in Arizona? Astrolabe Software released the new version of Solar Fire Gold, version 8. This will allow you to put all the planets that many like to ignore into the inner ring of planets. You’ll be able to design and apply your own custom glyphs! And teachers may upload their preferences to the Astrolabe website for students to download. This is fantabulous!! As soon as I can finish up some artwork, I’ll be uploading my glyphs for Sedna, Makemake and Haumea. I’ll create a file to put all the dwarf planets in the inner wheel so as I write these blips and GT’s you’ll be able to download these and follow along more easily. How cool is that?

Want to be one of the first kids on the block to get this. Click this link to find prices for upgrades or a stand-alone version. The prices indicated include shipping of a CD to you and also apply a 12.5% discount below full price. Don’t delay. This discount will apply for a while, but with Mars in potentially fickle Gemini (I said potentially!), this deal may not last for months.

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