Friday, June 03, 2011

Cosmic Blip for June 3, 2011 - Tantalizing Taurus

By Astrologer Philip Sedgwick

With Jupiter less than 24 hours from entering Taurus, maybe using the word tantalize in this blurb’s title could not be more appropriate.

Jupiter needs to keep pushing, reaching and stretching for more. Tantalus, according to myth, stood in a pool of water with a boulder over his head as penance. Also above his head, low hanging fruit on tree branches. When he reached for the fruit, the branches raised, preventing him from ever obtaining any fruit for sustenance. He has become a symbol of perpetual deprivation of vital nourishment.

While the implication of tantalized is to be riveted upon the acquisition of something, the added element is that the object of interest remains just out of reach. Now we have Jupiter entering the materially-oriented sign of Taurus, stimulating keywords such as: accretion, accumulation, acquisition and abundance. As those friendly with Jupiter know, he’ll take all risk and spare no expense of effort or money to get what he desires.

Consideration of one of the recently discovered sort of a planet gizmo out there in the vast reaches of our solar system helps. Sedna, the maybe dwarf planet with an orbit of about 11,000 years around our Sun, expresses material urgency by virtue of her nature and most conveniently, currently occupies Taurus. While Jupiter will not reach her position until next year, recent personal planet pushes have piqued her interests in pursuing a life of greater promise.

Sedna comes closest to the Sun in Cancer, establishing a security-based consciousness. Before getting into emotionally expressive exchanges, Sedna must know that food, shelter and the basic comforts of survival are covered. Stressing about such matters creates an isolating angst that prevents relationships from flourishing and the soul from evolving. Soul evolution, as seen by the dharmic aspiration of her north node, receives its proper due when material matters have been mastered.

In the past weeks and into the near future, Jupiter has transited the natal Sedna position of those born before and up to the early 1960's. Now as Jupiter enters Taurus, those born after the 1960's enjoy such a transit, until Jupiter reaches Sedna’s current position of Taurus. As of this writing, Sedna sits at 22 Taurus 34.

Thus, any urges to recommit to fixing financial matters, reading that dang book on the law of attraction that’s been accumulating dust, making a money magic plan or just plain getting on with those goals that matter in life are completely understandable. So are the concerns about the market’s vacillations, the cautions issued by bond brokers, the hint of a second housing bubble and having enough of whatever it takes to sustain basic life.

Last Sunday, Mercury crossed over Sedna, stirring the mind and making those financial priority thoughts and lists appear out of thin air. In the past day, Venus met up with the Arctic goddess. Yep, you’ve got to spend to get the resources and tools that push you forward in your economic schemes. Tomorrow, Jupiter enters Taurus. A plan to get what remains just out of reach must be conjured. And on June 10th, Mars reaches the degree of Sedna. Can you think of a better time to get these aspirations of accomplishment, achievement and abundance in play?

Tantalized no more, plan for picking the fruits of your creativity and reap the benefits of your thoughtful efforts.

I’m back from the Norwac conference and revving back up into full swing. It’s a great time to get a consultation or some of my other galactic tools that may add to your resource kit.

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