Monday, April 11, 2011

Aries: The Ewe Goddess's 2011 Forecast

By Loy Young

Let me introduce myself, I'm Aries the Ewe Goddess. Don't worry, Aries the Ram hasn't gone away. He is only moving into the background doing his best to support me as I take the cosmic stage during the Goddess of Love's reign. It is a bit difficult for Aries the Ram, as one of his downfalls is just not being able to let go, but as he gets accustomed to the change, each day he feels more invigorated. Slowly but surely, Aries the Ram is starting to feel relief, knowing it's his time to recharge, to update himself to today's energy. Aries the Ram was, after all, a primary carrier of the God of Will's energy along with Leo the Lion and Capricorn the Goat.

Aries the Ram and Ewe Goddess Entrusted

Each year, from the March Equinox (March 20, 2011 until April 20) which can vary a day or so each year, I transmit energies which we have been entrusted within this sector of the universe. They are the same energies that Aries the Ram beamed down upon you for all these thousands of years during the patriarch civilization. I'm just expressing the feminine aspect of these energies.

Aries the Ram Not To Be Reckoned With

Will is our first energy. Aries the Ram was fearless and felt it was his duty to go head-to-head with what was outdated and didn't work. He would use our Will Energy to destroy and overthrow people and regimes that were imprisoning the spirit. Aries the Ram's Will energy was a force that was not to be reckoned with, and warriors and out-front military leaders utilized Aries the Ram's Will energy to its utmost. Firemen, rescue workers in every field were expressing Aries Will energy.

Courage - Foundation of All Others

If you followed Aries the Ram's lead, without a doubt, the one quality that you developed was Courage. In fact, Courage was so important that during the patriarch civilization, it was the foundation on which all other qualities were built. Now is that profound or what?

Did You Become Courageous?

All the scenarios you went through and gravitated to when being a hero were intended for you to become truly courageous as well as strong. If you made it, applaud yourself. You know you're ready. If you are still stuck in fear or swung to just the opposite, being an out of control risk taker putting others in harm's way, you will probably need to go through more such scenarios until you become truly courageous.

Aries Felt Easiest By Pioneers

Just because I've arrived, doesn't mean everyone can feel my energies and are ready to respond to me. That's actually why you can have so many different stages occurring all at the same time. Our energy is felt the easiest by the leaders, pioneers and the adventurers wanting to go beyond what is already manifested.

Become Your Own Leader

As I pour my Aries Goddess energy of Will, I'm encouraging you to become your own leader, to rescue the victim part of yourself. Instead of your energies being directed outward, the Goddess of Love wants you to turn inward, to find your own love inside of you. That sounds wonderful, but do know your love is hidden beneath all the hurts and out of control behavior that you find hard to stop. During the Goddess of Love's reign, if you embrace my Aries Will energy, it is intended to cut through any resistance, hurt and pain, stopping at nothing until it finds and rescues your vulnerable, innocent love.

Caring Leads to Love

This year, 2011, the way you get to your love is by caring for yourself. Imagine, you're not disciplining yourself, you are not hard on yourself, finding your flaws or what isn't good enough about yourself. That style belongs to an era gone by. Update yourself to the energies of today, if you care for yourself, the love in you will begin to trust you and, slowly but surely, emerge.

Caring, a Mothering Energy

Caring is a definite feminine energy, and equated most with mothering energy, caring for her young. If you've been a mother, whether with children or animals, birds or even garden plants or flowers, you're ready to turn inward. I know it's a monumental task for many to start to care for themselves instead of other people. But just as courage was the predominant quality of the patriarch civilization which all other qualities were built on, during this era, caring for self is the quality on which all others will use as their springboard to catapult to the others.

Care for Your Body and Your Mind

Become the caring mother, especially until April 20, of your physical body. You'll know how much you are responding to the new energies of today if you feel compelled to put yourself first, to care for you. Besides your physical body, I activate also your mind, your thinking. Every plan, every thought that you become aware that you are thinking, consciously insert the concept of caring for yourself into it. If you still need outside approval, you want to hear words like, "I can tell you really take good care of yourself, tell me your secrets." Or, "I like the way you think, you come from such a caring place."

The Greatest Love of Your Life

It takes a lot of emotional courage to care for yourself, to risk being rejected for not giving of all your time, taking care of other's needs. Besides, it's easier to lead someone else than to lead yourself. You have to give yourself your own praise, your own acceptance, to find your own goodness. All the "atta boys or girls" must come from you. Be a pioneer, brave the unknown as you explore your inner realm. Use your mind to figure out how to get to what will surely be the greatest love of your life; You!

About the Author: Loy Young is an accomplished astrologist and relationship specialist. Loy is devoted to teaching personal empowerment embracing the cosmic energies. Become skilled at creating exceptional relationships and live a remarkable life. Sign up for her FREE Zodiac signs and forecasts newsletter. Use the monthly energies to enhance your relationships and daily life. Visit Loy at


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