Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Planets this Week for February 27 - March 5, 2011

By Robin Collier

Sunday Feb 27
Early morning Scorpio style play is possible, just don't get too wound up in chasing your tail. This is a go with the flow day. Just ignore those irritations that pop up in the late afternoon.

Monday Feb 28
Love and desire are in the air this afternoon and evening. Unexpected opportunity with a wild flavor shows up. Taking a small risk is warranted. The Moon leaves conservative Capricorn for sincere save the world Aquarius at 9:15 pm. Two days of more open communications. A good time for negotiations.

Tuesday Mar 01
Even a small variation in an old recipe can turn things around. Try a new ingredient, a new side road, or a new position! Upbeat feelings make this a great day. Venus moves into Aquarius tonight for 3 weeks of more liberal when it comes to love and beauty.

Wednesday Mar 02
Left-over feeling of emotional suppression will lighten up by noon.

Thursday Mar 03
Your dreamy emotional state makes it hard to pin things down today. The Moon moves to Pisces at 8:48 am. Two days of high intuition and difficulty making the hard decisions. Being firm but not controlling tonight will keep you in power. Great sex is possible, but avoid pain.

Friday Mar 04
Left over tendency toward rash moves and expressing anger from last night will dissipate by noon, and the New Moon will have you planning your goals for the rest of the month. This is the time to put all the yucky stuff from the last 12 months to rest.

Saturday Mar 05
You can effectively put your emotions into words today; if you need to get it written, just do it! The Moon goes from dreamy Pisces into me-first pushy Aries at 9:15 pm for 2 days of getting things going. Go for it!

* Times noted are PST, add 3 hours for Eastern Time.

I know I'm pushing the river here, but I am so ready for Spring (March 20 at 4:21 pm)!

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