Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Planets this Week for February 20-26, 2011

By Robin Collier

Sunday Feb 20
The Moon slips out of picky-picky Virgo into laid back Libra at 1:01 am. Two days of trying to balance and friendly debate. Moon in Libra is one of the best times for social get-togethers. Today is emotionally turbulent but positive. Avoid those with totally selfish agendas. The Unusual 3-planet conjunction of Mercury, Mars, and Neptune in Aquarius will open the path to new ideas that catch fire, along with some too vague to pin down. Have your dream journal handy tonight.

Monday Feb 21
Don't waste your energy trying to work out truly conflicting goals today. Mercury goes into Pisces for a couple weeks making it hard to get the right words on paper. Today is good for getting your feelings across without having to explicitly say it.

Tuesday Feb 22
Set your nooky alarm and start early with play on this, your power day. You are strong. The Moon leaves lazy Libra for pushy Scorpio at 1:29 this morning. You awake with the idea of getting things done. Tonight ease up and use a more delicate hand.

Wednesday Feb 23
Today a little mutual back patting or back scratching helps things go well with shared goals.

Thursday Feb 24
A great day for exploring new ideas and new experiences. The Moon goes from intense Scorpio to party time Sagittarius at 4:46 am for 2 days of honesty accidentally falling out of your mouth, generating a good laugh. If you're a secret keeper beware of foot in mouth disease. Some emotional mis-understanding is possible tonight, so think, before saying it to your lover.

Friday Feb 25
May the force be with you today as ideas come a mile-a-minute. Be calm and sort them to find the gems. If you have a goal, and act like it, the crowd will part for you.

Saturday Feb 26
Everyone's a little edgy, so avoid those little catfights. The Moon goes into Capricorn at 11:32 am for 2 days of getting serious. Suck it up and no whining until Tuesday.

Next up: some very different aspects for the week of the 27th.

* All times are Pacific - add 3 hours for Eastern time.

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