Monday, February 14, 2011

The Planets this Week for February 13-19, 2011

This weekly astrology forecast by Robin Collier is new for the Blog. We'll keep it posted for as long as she's writing it. Thank you, Robin!

By Robin Collier

Sunday Feb 13
Wow, with the Moon making a powerful trine connections to Mars, the Sun and Neptune, today is a great day for closing the deal, making contacts, and even getting physical. People can be irritable by afternoon, so avoid prompting arguments. The Moon power-slides into her home in Cancer at 9:50 pm. Clear emotional communication can be harder for the next 2 days. Danger Will Robinson, Valentine's Day tomorrow!

Monday Feb 14
Clear focus will get good results. You need to be calm and logical to overcome everybody's bitchyness today. Make sure everyone who needs it gets their Valentine's Day card!

Tuesday Feb 15
Ok, forget the sour grapes attitude just because you didn't get the attention expected from that special someone; they just totally forgot it was Valentine's day. This evening you have an exciting opportunity for something new and different.

Wednesday Feb 16
Uncensored feelings help create a near party atmosphere as the Moon goes into Leo at 1:15 this morning. Telling people what they want to hear about themselves works very well for the next 2 days. Smile like you've just had a personal party, and you just might!

Thursday Feb 17
A muzzy day with people speaking in vagueralities. Forgive them, they really can't decide how they feel. If you are writing, double proof-read. The full Moon right after midnight is a great time to let your partner shine (;>)

Friday Feb 18
The Moon enters Virgo at 1:40 am. The Leo schmooze party's over. Back to work, with 2 days of trying your best to perfect it. Whining about not getting what you need, will get you crap. The Sun enters Pisces at 4:26 pm for a month of increasing awareness. The trouble is, most are starting that growth from a low-point; maybe zero.

Saturday Feb 19
Today's the day! Ask nicely and you shall receive. This evening avoid getting weird and freaking your partner out.

* all times are Pacific (GMT -8). Plus 3 hours for Eastern time

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