Monday, February 28, 2011

Astrology Forecast for March 2011 by Astrologer Janet Moon

General Tendencies for All Signs

I don't know much about the global weather this month, but I can tell you that the astrological weather for March is going to come in like a lamb and go out like a lion. March will begin with a stellar melody encouraging us to reach for the creative and the romantic. But, the month is going to end with some heavy planetary battles and Mercury turning retrograde. Keep expectations low and schedules open after March 25th.

March begins with a new perspective and the energy to change the things we can. Venus will be taking an Aquarian attitude, and Mars will be in the mood to transform. We may be in the mood for something new and different all the way through the New Moon on Friday, March 4th.

There could be a few pleasant surprises popping up from Fat Tuesday, March 8th, through Friday, March 11th with a few planets learning towards the Aquarius point of view. There may be a few brilliant ideas on Ash Wednesday. There could be some unexpected romance or old friends to entertain us on Thursday, March 10th. And, Friday, March 11th, will be a perfect day for technology. We may find a new friend (or an old one) on a social network.

We may find it really difficult to readjust to daylight saving time on Sunday, March 13th, and mistakes could be popping up everywhere. But, things should improve by Monday, March 14th, and we may receive some good news by Tuesday, March 15th.

St. Patrick's Day may bring a few delays and misunderstandings, especially in business, but things will be picking up by the weekend. Uranus will be hailing the Sun's entrance into Aries and the first day of Spring on Sunday, March 20th. We will be in the mood for friends, and discussions could become very persuasive.

We may find our ambitions (and possibly our self-esteem) will be slowly deteriorating throughout the week of March 21st as the two giants, Jupiter and Saturn, line up for an opposition. And, as we approach the weekend, things could get worse. Our thoughts may deceive us and our ideas could be impractical on Saturday, March 26th, and conflicts will continue to build all the way through Monday, March 28th. Avoid arguments and watch out for over indulging in addictions.

As Jupiter and Saturn begin to settle down, Mercury will turn retrograde on March 30th. Mercury is going to back up and cross a bunch of planets in Aries early in April. Check back next month to find out more.

About the Author: Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to subscribe to her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. Website:

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