Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Powerful Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction - January 12, 2011

By Philip Sedgwick

In my lifetime, I cannot recall a year starting with this much intensity. We shot out of the gate with an eclipse and a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Chiron and Neptune remain joined at the hip, supplementing the patterns-at-large. And depending upon your personal chart, there may be even more significance from what hovers above. The very hyper-boles of life verify Jupiter stands in the middle of the mix.

Last Saturday morning, plans were being made in my household for a trip to the local Safeway to fetch food and other staples. I received an e-mail from a colleague that Arizona Congressional Representative Gabrielle Giffords, and many others, had been shot here in Tucson. In fact, she was shot in front of the Safeway I was planning to patronize. Being a fan of Giffords, I would have dashed right over to pass along my best wishes. I am still reeling from the shock of the event. Had I not made my initial call last Saturday to the video producer, I might have been at that Safeway very close to the time of the event.

Last weekend Mars formed a square with the goddess of discord, Eris. Given the less than admirable attributes of Eris in loving mayhem and that she constantly ran around with Ares (Aries, as in Mars ruling Aries) to create discord, the aspect clearly played out. Now what?

Whether impacted by the tragedy in my town or not, Mars and Eris are in play and ringing the bells in most every person's life. Everyone that I hear from declares circumstances that fit the Mars-Eris patterning. Everyone seems to be reporting an insane start to the year. Why? The Jupiter and Uranus conjunction patterns finished up with the recent eclipse. Shouldn't the amplification of the weird, unorthodox and bizarre be done? Or are we still on the backside of their wave as charged by the eclipse? Could there be more ahead?

Soon, Jupiter and Uranus are back at it again, though through different vehicles. From the Sun's point of view, Uranus enters Aries on January 29th (Uranus enters Aries for the next time on March 12th as seen from the Earth's point of view). The heliocentric entry redefines the need for pioneering efforts on many fronts, all with the intention of progress, humanitarianism, technological advancement and social reform, to use the high side of Uranus. If Uranus in Aries reverts to less than productive manifestations, it will bring a lot of the ultra-cranky old guy yelling at the kids to get off the grass kind of stuff. With the heliocentric entry in but a few weeks away the energies are now present, even though actual real world manifestations may not appear. However, the helio placements tend to bring realizations, innovations and brainstorms that require a little time to sort and apply in the physical realm. In this planetary pattern, ideas received in the next weeks start to sprout when Uranus reaches geocentric Aries come March.

On February 1st, from the Sun's point of view, Jupiter finds a point midway between his own nodes. Jupiter's square to his own nodes creates a balance point between concepts and beliefs that have exceeded their shelf life and ideas, philosophies and aspirations that require a wide reach to bring them into one's grasp. In theory, this is a perfect time for resetting one's beliefs, refreshing valid ideas and abandoning concepts that no longer support one's current goals and agendas.

While potentially a bit disconcerting, when the inner stirring suggests replacing ideas, get on with it. Perhaps on the collective level, this signals a balance of the hyper-reaction to the recent tragedy here in Tucson. One can hope that maybe bi-partisanship can truly occur and start at this marker. One thing for sure, with all of the astrological earmarks over the shooting, Jupiter's aspiration is that people figure out a more optimistic, progressively minded - meaning for the betterment of the planet as a whole and the people on it - set of solutions to install in the immediate future.

On February 23rd, as the Sun sees it, Jupiter stands opposite Saturn. Here, subtle ideas combine and work in harmony with the differing concepts of expansion, the new and adventurous with contraction, the old and caution. In fact, it is a perfect blend of going as far as one can go without exceeding resources, capability or competence.

At the end of February, Uranus squares the nodes of Saturn. This, like Jupiter squaring his own nodes, hints at signs of progress. Keep systems, installations, protocols and mechanisms that still work. Discard those that do not. Upgrade those that appear upgradable. Put into place new ideas that produce the results everyone claims to want. Find the unity and similarity between people and causes and strive to work from the commonalities.

Presently we march through the era in which everyone alive on the planet experiences within a few month interval of time, the same transit. This would be Jupiter transiting the birth position of Eris, the goddess of discord. This is the first time we have enjoyed this simultaneous transit since the discovery of Eris.

To repeat previous GT themes, Eris and Jupiter successfully worked together to alter the order of the heavens for one day and therein, creating the perspective to right political wrongs - at least as Jupiter viewed them. In fact, each and every person has a chance to find out in the next weeks if the current track of life makes a reasonable trajectory toward one's greatest soul-inspired aspirations. If not, a significant course correction can be made and immediate improvements seen.

In the next weeks, there are other Sun referenced aspects to note. I will get to them. On the heels of everything that's been happening and its personal proximity, I must be brief for now.

Should you feel this is the time for some astrological guidance in a reading, I'm here and good to go. If it seems one of my reports will help, those can be ordered, as can my Galactic Trilogy CD.

In the dawn of this very new year, I wish you all peace and all the benefits that Jupiter promises.

Philip Sedgwick is the author of The Sun At The Center: A Primer on Heliocentric Astrology

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