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The New Moon in Scorpio - Nov. 5, 2010

By Loy Young

If you survived Howl-O-Ween's provocative pull and found the saint in you on November 1, All Saints Day, you're ready for the Moon Goddess now. On November 2, 2010, you want to prepare to feel the gravitational pull of the Moon Goddess on her New Moon.

Today, the Moon Goddess is moving into her position between Mother Earth and the Sun. Her back side, at least to us, will be fully illuminated by the Sun's rays which are composed of the energies of the Sun's up-to-the-moment experiences of his travels.

Prepare Your Physical Body on November 2

On November 2, if you would like to experience the Moon Goddess's New Moon energies, start preparing your physical body. Bundle up and take a long walk, breathing in the crispy night air.

Groom Your Emotions on November 3

November 3, groom your emotions soaking up beautiful and dramatic art readying yourself to feel the Moon Goddess's every moonbeam.

Inspire Your Mind on November 4

November 4, inspire your mind so it is receptive, not resistant to tomorrow's Moon Goddess's New Moon energies.

Receive New Moon Transmissions on November 5

November 5, at 8: 25 pm, PDT, experience the gravitational pull of the alignment of Mother Earth, the Moon Goddess and the Sun. Just now,the Sun is conveying through his Sun rays his experiences from his travels through the cosmos which the Moon Goddess is filling herself up with to assimilate as she moves out of his path making her way back to us.

Become the Phoenix

The message of the November New Moon which occurs during Scorpio is if you have been stung by the Scorpio scorpion and are still alive, become like the Phoenix. You can begin again as if you had just been reborn, go forward and retake the initiation test you failed. There is strength in that Scorpio sting that you can now utilize to peer into your own unknown, bringing it back into your waking consciousness. If you were adept enough not to get stung by the Scorpion as yet, use the Moon Goddess's New Moon energies to help you take the next initiation test.

Three Days of Integration

Then you will have three days to integrate what was amplified for you at the New Moon. On November 6, bring clarity to your mind so you can use it to solve problems relating to the heart with those people that are most dear to you. Don't forget to see yourself as your most precious relationship and today know you can solve any of your hurts, especially as it relates to your profession.

Show Your Love

November 7, two days after the New Moon, just love and find something you can accept about the people in your life. Then with that connection, communicate and show your love in a way that resonates with the other person.

Time of Implementation

November 8, three days after the New Moon, you want to move into action, to implement what you received, what's in your mind and your feelings. You have until November 17 to manifest all these things, at which time you need to begin to prepare your physical body again, this time to receive the Moon Goddess's Full Moon transmissions. So, do not delay! You won't have the captivating Scorpio energies for another year. Ensure everything you do is enticing, bringing people to you, not forcing yourself on anyone in the slightest.

Preparation and Integration for Full Moon

Exactly how you prepared for the New Moon is how you get ready for the Moon Goddess's Full Moon. Three days before, you prepare your physical body; two days before, you groom your feelings and one day before, you inspire your mind. On the Full Moon itself which is November 21, 2010, at 9:23 am, PDT, you have a full 24 hours to receive these transmissions; twelve hours before and twelve hours afterward. Then you have the three days afterward to integrate what you received; November 22, for your mind, November 23, to assimilate into your emotions and November 24, to spring into action.

New and Full Moon Occurs During Scorpio Reign

Both the New Moon and Full Moon occur during Scorpio's reign which means that Scorpio's energies are amplified, giving you the opportunity to take every Scorpio initiation that you are ready for this year.

New Moon Hones Inner Senses

By learning how to embrace the Moon Goddess's New Moon energies, you get to hone your inner senses as you do not see her the three days before. Only on the third day afterward, as you are ready to spring into action, will her crescent moon appear, confirming what you felt with your inner feelings and intuition.

Full Moon Appeals to Outer Senses

The Moon Goddess's Full Moon seven night cycle appeals more to your outer senses as you can see her illumination. On the Full Moon itself, it can be most fun to feel her energies through something special, such as, you might prepare or choose to eat or drink. Touch or stroke a silk fabric or a leather coat. For sound, you want pristine silence, where nothing can distract you from the transmissions that are just for you. Take a night walk and smell the night air. And sight, of course you want to feast your eyes on the captivating Moon Goddess herself while you connect with her and have a most intimate relationship with her. Let her lead you naturally into the unknown, the intuitive,where your higher self awaits to greet you.

About the Author: Loy Young is an accomplished astrology researcher and practitioner; relationship specialist and published author. Sign up for her FREE Zodiac signs and forecasts newsletter. Use the monthly energies to enhance your relationships and daily life. Visit Loy's website.

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