Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Astrology Forecast for Sagittarius Time (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21 2010)

This is a scholarly interpretation (so typically Sagittarius) of the sun's transit through Sagittarius this year:

By Loy Young

Sagittarius comes prancing in like the magical Unicorn that it is on November 23, staying around to delight us and impart its energies until December 21. Even though the Sun no longer comes into sight high up in the sky, and darkness has overtaken the light for over a month now, Sagittarius being the messenger of hope says, "Do not despair. At the end of my reign is the Winter Solstice marking the darkest of nights. But it is not the end, the Sun begins its climb back into the heavens and you are reborn."

Energies of Sagittarius

Sagittarius embodies three energies which, if you do not align, will cause you to feel scattered; running in one direction and then the other. But then of course, that is the Sagittarius test, to harness and wield these three energies, as there is a magical formula once bridled.

Supernatural Psychic Unknown Energy

You have been drawn into this energy for one full Zodiac month already as Scorpio transmits this same energy. Hope you loved it as you will feel its pull from Sagittarius as well. It is very strong pull-in energy, not a forward thrust. This energy is not matter or what is already manifested in the physical realm; it is the mysterious unknown which draws you in to receive one of its secrets just for you. You do not want too much, just the magical right amount to awaken a new facet of your consciousness.

Idealism Energy

During Sagittarius, it is this Idealism energy that spurs you into the unknown, knowing no matter how dark or negative it may look, you will find the light you are going after, the positive aspect. As you get closer, you can see the light increase in size. No matter what someone tells you, you know you will find it and bring it back with you. When you do, be ready, as a smile will flood you as you exclaim, "I found it!" Then you can celebrate showing all the doubters, those that as yet have not embraced Idealism energy that the journey into the unknown was worth it all. Virgo and Pisces also embody this energy.

Scientific Heart Reasoning Energy

During the Will energy patriarch time, we knew this energy as Scientific Reasoning. But now that Love energy is beginning to take the stage ushering in a matriarch guided era, this energy is starting to shift to its more feminine expression. All of us, no matter our gender, have both feminine and masculine aspects within us to learn how to articulate. Scientific Heart Reasoning energy is still the inventor, the problem solver, but it is now intent on solving problems of the heart. Its inventions are to connect us, to find the similarities in all the different inventions,religions, philosophies that can unite us, not create more separatism.Leo's and Aquarius's also personify this energy.

Three Energies Team Together

Sagittarius uses this Scientific Heart Energy in conjunction with its other two energies in this manner. First, through your feelings, you can safely delve into the unknown. If you try to use your Will and bombard the unknown, you'll just be detoured into the illusionary part, not the real. With Idealism Energy, you can find the light which is really the love and bring it back to the physical realm. And then the Scientific Heart Reasoning Energy uses this aspect of love that was discovered to solve the problems you have today in your own life, in relationships and in the world itself. You could think of love being inserted into reasoning or "loving with your mind" as you look for solutions and "thinking with your heart." That is why Sagittarius' truly magical formula causes unicorns to emerge prancing on their hind legs.

Sagittarius' Role in Transition

The Sagittarius energy presently has a task; to look within the darkness, the extremes of the Will dominated patriarch system. Sagittarius is to find the light, the positive aspects to bring into the matriarch era which we can then improve on. Reform, not radical change is the theme of the matriarch inspired era ahead. Change usually says everything is all wrong, throw it out, start over again. Improvement is done through love, finding the positive to accentuate.

Virtues Spotlighted During Sagittarius

Virtues are the positive qualities that you earn by going through life's experiences and finding resolution. Vices are just the beginning stages or extremes that keep throwing you back into the same scenario over and over until you gain enough mastery to transform these vices, emerging with the virtue fully integrated in you and your consciousness greatly expanded.

Virtues: Hope, optimistic, inspiration, freedom, objective and curious.

Vices: Scattered, intrusive, cutting humor, depressed, unrealistic and complex.

Enjoy Sagittarius energy to its fullest as it foretells your future, the visionary energy that it is.

About the Author: Loy Young is an accomplished astrology researcher and practitioner; relationship specialist and published author. Sign up for her FREE Zodiac signs and forecasts newsletter. Use the monthly energies to enhance your relationships and daily life. Visit Loy at


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