Sunday, October 17, 2010

Astrology Forecast for October 2010 by James Jarvis

Use Mercury in Libra, October 3-20 to communicate about any injustice or inequality in your life. The simple act of telling the truth in a non-reactive and peaceful manner can release suppressed energy that has prevented you from being intimate with loved ones.

With the New Moon at 14 degrees Libra on October at 11:45 a.m. you have an opportunity to learn how to come into balance through diet, creating balance between your work and play and through balancing your need for independence and autonomy with your need for intimate relationships with others.

Venus in Scorpio goes retrograde October 8-11 - Nov. 18 asking you to pay greater attention to the powerful emotions that most people find difficult to deal with - rage, intense anger, jealously, desire, and grief. Venus in Scorpio urges you to explore your emotional depths - and to access and release more aliveness and vitality in all your relationships.

Mars in Scorpio trines Jupiter in Pisces October 19-22, squares Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius October 20-23, and then finally trines Uranus in Pisces October 22-25. Big emotional healing and changes are indicated by these transits. Getting involved in service-oriented projects will allow you to focus this increased energy in positive ways.

Mercury travels through the sign of Scorpio October 20 - November 8, helping us learn to tell the microscopic truth. Sometimes just the simple act of telling the truth can help release suppressed energy that prevents us from being intimate with those that we love.

The full Moon at 28 degrees Aries on October 22 (6:38 p.m.) helps you become fully aware of your needs so you can be present and authentic with others. Only when you can truly nurture yourself and honor your own needs for independence, autonomy and freedom can you truly be in relationship with others.

The Sun shifts into Scorpio on October 23 at 5:35 a.m. The Scorpio principle involves the descent into darkness to transform the ego and to emerge as a powerful bearer of light. Our job in Scorpio is to be role models for others in the highest use of passion and power.

With Mars in Sagittarius from October 27- December 7, the focus is on dedicating your energy and passion to your spiritual quest or "crusade". If you have been feeling stagnant, resigned or apathetic, Mars in Sagittarius can help you get inspired and can help you re-kindle the fire of idealism in your life.

James Jarvis, M.A. (Counseling Psychology) is a master vocational astrologer, career & marketing coach and self-improvement counselor. Through his international astrology, coaching and counseling practice, James has helped thousands of people draw out and productively use their inherent gifts and talent. For those who want support in discovering, clarifying and manifesting their vision and life purpose, James is available for astrological, career & marketing coaching sessions by phone. To schedule phone consultations call toll-free (541) 201-2709, or e-mail:

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