Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Astrology Forecast of the Fall Equinox 2010

By Ruth Hadikin

Revelation, Clarity, and Right Action

Fall Equinox was the 'official' start of autumn (fall) marked by the Sun moving into the sign of Libra. Day and night are both of equal length and thus are in perfect balance. This year this happened at 4.10am on Thursday 23rd September (BST) if you're in the UK, or at 11.10pm on Wednesday if you're on the east coast USA (EDT).

I'm always looking for the spiritual significance of Astrological events, and this time noticed that the Sun (self/health) in Libra (harmonizing/balancing) forms an inconjunct to Neptune (spiritualizing pole) in Aquarius (groups/humanity). Taking my home town of Liverpool, UK as the location, this happens in the 6th house of health and healing.

You might ask 'who pays attention to inconjuncts?' Well I do... when the the degree is 3ยบ33' as it is in this case. That's what got my attention. I always sit up and take notice of 333 configurations! According to Doreen Virtue, 333 sequences tell us the Ascended Masters are with us. Seems like Divine guidance to me.

Remember too, that the Angel of Libra is overseeing and balancing the current Pluto in Capricorn transit (2008-2023). Just to recap: during this transit we can expect Pluto, the planet of transformation that transforms by dragging everything up from the dark into the light for healing (revealing the darker side of our psyche and leaving nothing hidden), to transform our political, governing and financial institutions (Capricorn).

We are evolving from the lower Capricorn energy of abusing authority for personal gain, to the highest Capricorn vibration of enlightened governance and distribution of the world's resources for the good of all: including how we acknowledge and use our spiritual resources (Capricorn is the sign of the spiritual disciple).

There is a strong Libra influence during this transit to modify, harmonize and balance ethical decision-making and develop 'right' relationships with one another to ensure we don't go to extremes in our reactions to the Plutonian upheaval

Every year, as we enter the Fall Equinox, the Libra Full Moon cycle brings important balancing and modifying energy. Libra rules ethics, justice, transpersonal love and 'right human relations'. Interesting that here in the UK we hold all our political party conferences at around this time, and this year one of the major parties chose Liverpool as their conference venue. I wonder if they had Astrologers on the organizing team! (The Equinox energy affects everybody, not just people in Liverpool or the UK).

This year the 'inconjunct' offers a potential window of opportunity. Inconjuncts vary in their effects but this one could allow Neptune to offer intermittent waves of spiritualizing energy to raise the vibration of the Libra effect to its' highest spiritual purpose. Its' effect could serve to 'disillusion' people with the current systems, so we turn our attention to creating better systems.

Neptune's conjunct with Chiron in Aquarius (the 'wounded healer') adds another interesting factor. There is a merging and blending of energies, which could be about the balancing effects of Libra, harmonizing and balancing to heal (6th house) our collective (Aquarius) spiritual wounds (Neptune/Chiron) This could create an opening for us to begin identifying with ourselves as spiritual beings, at a collective level, and to start bringing spiritual considerations into account as we make political decisions for our future. At the simplest level it could mean that our political decisions over health and healthcare (6th house) move in a more spiritually (Neptune) healing (Chiron) direction.

According to Melanie Reinhart (Chiron and The Healing Journey) when Chiron is in Aquarius "clarity opens". We seek groups of like-minded people and find our 'soul-tribe'.

On a personal level you will notice these energies affect you to an even greater degree if you have Libra Sun, Moon or Ascendant, and if you have aspects to Neptune and Chiron.

The Full Moon in Pisces ( September 23, 09:17 UTC /GMT o4:17 EDT) offers us another chance to release old patterns by illuminating where we might still be in lower Piscean consciousness. Where are we 'suffering' and allowing ourselves to be a 'victim' of our life situation, when we could move into action and stand in our own power?

After 'peaking' at 09:17 the Moon begins 'waning'. At 09:47:10 the moon leaves Pisces and enters Aries. This is the energy needed to shake of any tendency we might be having to wallow in self-pity (lower Pisces vibration), and take action to change what isn't working in our lives (Aries/spontaneous movement).

At this point the Sun in Libra (balancing), Moon in Aries (spontaneity), and Pluto in Capricorn (revelation) form another 'Cardinal T-square' once again bringing us the powerful cardinal energies of spontaneity and forward movement. It is a window of opportunity when we can use the higher-vibration Aries-type intuition of 'spontaneous knowing' to focus on what is really important and, most importantly, to take appropriate action. Aries is all about action. During this period take some time to meditate, be still, and see where Life is trying to guide you.

It is time to finally shake off any ideas that we might be entertaining, that anybody is 'doing' anything TO us (lower Pisces/victim consciousness), to take the lead (Aries) and take responsibility for ourselves and our own actions. There is also an 'echo' of the Cardinal Cross as the moons nodes in Cancer-Capricorn, remind us of the huge influence of Cancer-Capricorn energy that has been around this year.

It is time now for intuition, clarity, revelation and then action. To stand up and be counted, and to use the ethical energy of Libra, to pay attention to how we distribute the worlds resources (Cancer-Capricorn) for spiritual healing (Neptune/Chiron) and the benefit of humanity (Aquarius). It is also worth remembering that many people have been doing the 'groundwork' for some years now on a personal, spiritual and political level. Fall Equinox is 'harvest time' in the Northern hemisphere: it is now time to 'reap what you sow'.

Ruth Hadikin is a Coach, Author and Soul Astrologer. She writes regularly on Soul Astrology and other topics for Do you know your Soul Sign? Send Ruth an email with your day, date, time and location of birth and she'll be happy to tell you. FREE mp3 download available: "The Energetics of Soul Astrology" from

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