Monday, September 27, 2010

Astrology Forecast for October 2010

By Loy Young

Autumn Makes You Feel Comfortable

It is time to bring in the wood for the fireplace, get out your woolens and cuddle up with a good book or a glass of wine as you let the flames warm your heart. Doesn't that sound comfortable? That's how autumn makes most feel, contented, the edge is taken off and we can be happy.

Autumn Equinox Makes Its Announcement

Falls is officially announced by the Autumn Equinox, which occured this year on September 22, at 7:23 pm PDT. Astrologically speaking, that tells us that Libra has also begun its reign, lasting until October 23.

Express the Charm of Your Beauty

Libra's energies set in motion the same characteristics within you as in nature; graciousness, charm, contentment, happy and beauty. Don't let Libra go by, as the entire astrological year 2010-2011's energy which is intertwined within all the year's energies is beauty. In Libra, you'll want to become even more acquainted with your own unique beauty and express its charm.

How Libra Got Its Name

Long ago, over 2500 years ago, ancient astrologers measured the band of sky that the Sun would travel through in one of Mother Earth's yearly trek around the Sun. This cosmic strip was divided into twelve sections and each was named after the Zodiac constellations that the Sun was traveling through at that time. The Sun was traveling through the Libra constellation during the seventh section, thus named Libra. Even though the Sun continued on its march eastward around the center of the Milky Way, Libra has retained its ancient name and is depicted holding scales.

Throw Out All of Astrology? No!

Many skeptics have used the Sun's new movement in the sky to say astrology is a bunch of rubbish, totally outdated. Wait, do not move into such an extreme way of thinking, throwing out the entire science. While it is true that the Sun is traveling through a fresh segment of the cosmos, the distance it travels through this new part can still be divided into twelve sections. After all, the division of sections was based on the time it takes Mother Earth to make her yearly trek around the Sun. Yes, the Sun is always imbuing Mother Earth with up-to-date experiences of his latest travels which is what gives us original and unique ways of viewing life each year.

Mother Earth Is Consistent

What is constant, though, is that Mother Earth's New Year in the Northern Hemisphere begins with the Vernal Equinox. That varies either March 21 or 22 which is not always constant; due to the time it takes Mother Earth to complete her journey of 365.25 days. That's also the beginning of these twelve sections which take approximately 30 days to go through, with each being given a zodiac constellation name.

What's In A Name?

Is it the name that's important or the characteristics of each of these 12 sections? The seventh section, for those living in the Northern Hemisphere, relates to the beginning of fall, which was the same more than 2500 years ago and is still the same today and will continue as long as Mother Earth retains her tilt.

Libra Belongs to Fall

For those known as Libra and born on the Autumn Equinox lasting to October 23, the energies they imbue are expressed through distinct characteristics that distinguish them from those born in the other eleven sections. Actually, astrology and people become so much easier to understand if you think of each person as being an expression of both the season and segment they were born in.

Libra's Scales

It is no wonder that Libra's sign is equated with the scales depicting balance. Libra begins when the Sun is vertical above the equator. The tilt of Mother Earth's axis is slanting neither toward nor away from the Sun. The dark of night announces it has caught up with the light of day. Extremes do not belong to this day, equality is achieved. Isn't Libra's scales a perfect symbol for this cosmic time?

Libra's Energy

Balance is the actual energy being bestowed upon us during the reign of Libra. Not just Libra individuals but each and every one of us, as Mother Earth's inhabitants experiences this event. We can become just like the scales, as the tendency is there this month to weigh back and forth our thoughts and our feelings before we open our mouth and speak. The tone is as important as the words in illustrating what we want to get across.

Libra's Natural Inclination

Libra individuals all throughout their life will have this natural inclination to find balance in any extreme presented to them. They instinctively can sense the extremes that need to be sloughed off so balance, which they equate with equality, can be achieved. That is really why Libra is often referred to as the people sign, the peacemaker. Injustice just does not sit well with the Libra individual, luckily they know that being friendly and using more diplomatic words will help them achieve their objective. Extreme expressions just don't feel right, which is why they will weigh back and forth many times just how to say or do something.

Why not embrace Libra energies to the fullest and communicate everything you want to say through the filter of its Balance Energy. Then you could have the best possible of all relationships.

About the Author: Loy Young is an accomplished astrologist and relationship specialist. Loy is devoted to teaching personal empowerment embracing the cosmic energies. Become skilled at creating exceptional relationships and live a remarkable life. Sign up for her FREE Zodiac signs and forecasts newsletter. Use the monthly energies to enhance your relationships and daily life. Visit Loy at

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