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Astrology Forecast for Leo Time (July 22 - August 22) 2010

By Loy Young

Even if you are not a Leo, you can embrace the energies being emitted to you from July 23 to August 23. Will and Scientific Reasoning are Leo's energies. When these energies descend, they become the driving force behind your actions whether you realize it or not. If you embrace these energies consciously, it's like having a tail wind behind you, propelling you forward with so much more ease and speed. In his article, we're going to focus on Scientific Reasoning.

Scientific Reasoning
Leo personifies the energy of Scientific Reasoning. As all energies and qualities can be categorized as being a part of either Will or Love, it's worth noting that Scientific Reasoning falls under Will. During Will's patriarch reign which is on its last gasping breath, Scientific Reasoning was instrumental in coming up with the plans for manifesting Will's intentions. Each astrological year as Will released one of its qualities like strength, Scientific Reasoning would be responsible for coming up with ways for implementation by Mother Earth and her inhabitants

Scientific Reasoning Stimulates the Mind
Scientific Reasoning, of course, stimulates the mind the most. During Will's reign, the mind led the way while the physical body implemented the plan. The emotions were more inward, not fully expressed. The mind overrode the emotions mostly. Sometimes, emotional energy was added as an accompaniment propelling the physical body into action whenever sluggish. Intuition was too fleeting to even be taken seriously by most.

No Longer is the Mind Leading the Way
With the shift to Love, Scientific Reasoning as it is a part of Will, is also turning inward. No longer is the mind leading the way, with the emotions acting as just the support to the mind. Scientific reasoning is being requested to come up with what could be described as heartfelt solutions. You could say the mind is slowly transforming itself, beginning to "Think From The Heart, Love with the Mind." The Mind is to solve problems arising from the feelings, especially the hurts that the emotions are expressing.

Scientific Reasoning Asked to Connect the Separate Parts
Also Scientific Reasoning is being asked now to come up with ways to connect all of Will's separate parts that are already in manifestation. And to reinvent, transform inventions that were intended for war to prove who was the most powerful, the strongest and the top dog. The internet is one of these inventions, originally developed for the military, now used for all of us to connect.

Three Times of the Astrological Year for Scientific Reasoning
There are three times during the astrological year that we are inundated with Scientific Reasoning; Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Each personifies Scientific Reasoning, but as they have distinct functions as members of the Zodiac relay team, they do have their own individual expressions. Leo belongs to the Summer Relay Team, Sagittarius to the Autumn Group and Aquarius to the Winter cluster.

Aquarius Current Leader of Zodiac
Also, every 2000 - 2500 years, one of the Zodiac signs assumes the leadership role with its own style of management of the other eleven zodiac team members. Aquarius is the current leader and its style of leadership is as a facilitator. What that means is although the theme will be scientific reasoning for the next 2000 years, each Zodiac sign is asked to radiate its solutions and methods to implement the quality that is being presented each year. During 2010/2011, each Zodiac sign is asked to emit its unique solutions for implementing Beauty, although diverse, are all connected as they act as a relay team now since Aquarius started its reign.

Before Aquarius Was Piscean Supremacy
Before Aquarius was the Piscean supremacy, with each of the zodiac signs acting more like gurus when its time came, more authoritarian. One sign tried to prove it was better than the other. The Aquarian Age really only assumed full leadership in 1994; we are just at the beginning. But just look at all the scientific inventions that have arrived on the scene starting around 1825-50 when Aquarius began its descent, emitting its energies from the leadership role to Mother Earth. It is easy to see the influence of this Scientific Reasoning energy.

Love No Longer Illusive
The best is yet to come though, as Scientific Reasoning and its Zodiac Team will ensure that Love will no longer be elusive. We will discover how to "Live a Life of Love." That's the immediate quest ahead of us, which will be accomplished during the matriarch reign which officially begins on the Winter Solstice 2012.

Inner Beauty Not Seen
For the astrological year 2010/2010, Scientific Reasoning must come up with ways for Beauty indeed to be manifested. But remember, the mind is no longer leading with its concept of Beauty. Beauty was not absent during the patriarchal reign, but outer beauty took the lead, inner beauty for the most part could not even be seen, much less valued. It was the packaging, how it looked on the outside. Trophy wives, beautiful women were often bought like art possessions. Their value was as an accompaniment to men.

Authentic Accompanying Beauty
In centuries gone past, it was the men who were painted, made the most handsome, even acted out the parts of women in plays. Women were not even part of the equation, so even a trophy wife was a big step forward. Now when you say Beauty as we move into a matriarch guided era, Authentic is accompanying the word Beauty.

Transform Inner Ugliness
Thus Scientific Reasoning is given the task of helping us to transform any inner ugliness into inner beauty. Also our outer beauty is asked to be authentic, as a reflection of our inner in the moment. Now we're talking about the consciousness field, it's not that there wasn't anyone working to improve themselves during the patriarch time but it has exploded since the 70's. That's when women started to burst into the workplace as well. Your thoughts, your feelings and your words are starting to have as high a value as the way you outwardly look.

Leo During Aquarius Era
Leo is a researcher, always testing out new ways to see what works or what does not. And as Leo's time occurs during summer, it is supposed to be transparent, for all to see. It is just as important to show off the experiments that did not work, roads not to take.

It's said that Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, an Aquarius, was delighted every time one of his experiments did not work, then he could throw out that theory and go to the next. Aquarius as the facilitator is eclectic, drawing solutions from each of the zodiac signs.

What is Love?
Living a Life of Love is one of the major goals during the upcoming matriarch vanguard, and as Leo is a pioneer, it has been experimenting since the early 70's in earnest. Lots of the experiments with love like marriages, divorces, married again, a three some, being gay, being a lesbian, being bisexual; these are all different expressions, responses to finding answers to the mystery of What is Love? So don't try to hide or be embarrassed if you are on your six or seventh relationship. What's important is, did you give up? If so, get back in the game.

Love is being less and less illusive; many know exactly how it feels now. If it doesn't feel like Love, it isn't. No facts or figures can convince you otherwise now. Love is well within your reach, go for it!

About the Author: Loy Young is an accomplished astrologist and relationship specialist. Loy is devoted to teaching personal empowerment embracing the cosmic energies. Become skilled at creating exceptional relationships and live a remarkable life. Sign up for her FREE Zodiac signs and forecasts newsletter. Use the monthly energies to enhance your relationships and daily life. Visit Loy at www.loysrelationshipastrology.info.

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