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Astrology Forecast for July 2010 by Janet Moon

General Tendencies For All Sun Signs

The planets are going to be very busy in July. Most people know there will be a solar eclipse. But, we also have 2 outer planets turning retrograde, and 4 of the 5 outer planets will begin lining up for a nasty T-cross. There will be challenges ahead.

July will actually begin rather even-tempered. Uranus will be turning retrograde on the 5th, so those with dominate Aquarius in their charts may feel like they are not accomplishing much. Also, Uranus may bring some unexpected accidents, incidents, or misunderstandings for all of us around this time.

Apathy and deception may creep in on Wednesday and Thursday, July 7th and 8th. But as fast as it creeps in, it will move on. Our judgments will begin to return Thursday night, and by Friday, we should be ready to socialize.

The eclipse on July 11th will be a total solar eclipse, and it will be making a positive aspect to Mars. Total eclipses mean big changes, and this one could bring especially big changes for those with dominate Cancer in their charts. Some of us may take this energy and use it in a positive manner by starting new projects or maybe even new jobs. For many of us, change can be difficult, so this eclipse may not be to our liking. Please read my article, The Eclipses are Coming - Wham Bam, to find out more.

After the eclipse is over, the planets will calm down for a few days. There may even be romantic and/or financial opportunities on Monday and Tuesday, July 12th and 13th. There could also be an underlying tension that will slowly increase as the month progresses. Deep emotions could be creeping up in our dreams, and bad-luck could be popping up here and there.

We may notice more changes and challenges entering our lives as early as July 20th. Saturn will enter Libra on July 21, so we may find our relationships getting more serious. The Sun will enter Leo on the 22nd, and that will encourage us to take some time for vacations and enjoyment. Sagittarius, watch out! Jupiter will turn retrograde on July 23rd, and you may lose your optimism. But, also during this time, the Sun will be working hard to keep life steady and exciting.

The weekend of July 23rd could be miserable. Jupiter and Pluto will hit the peak of their square (very negative aspect) just a few hours before the Full Moon on July 25th, and Saturn and Uranus will hit another peak in their opposition on July 26th. This could bring psychological manipulation ("head games"), frustration, and rebellion. Then add the unpredictable Aquarius Full Moon, and who knows how this weekend will end up. Probably not as we expected.

Monday, July 26th, probably won't be any better. There will be lots of confusion, and some will choose to reach for their addictions for comfort. Tuesday should bring a ray of hope, with Mercury entering his home sign of Virgo. We will be ready to get organized, and it may even happen if we don't get too scattered.

Mars will follow Saturn into Libra on Thursday, July 29th, and we will be ready to act on our relationships as we approach the end of the week and the end of the month. The only problem is those actions may lead us straight to the emergency room. There will also be a strong potential for traffic accidents, so drive carefully, especially Friday morning.

Use caution in everything you do and say as July ends and August begins. The planets will be boiling up for one hell of a storm, and check back next month to find out more.

About the Author: Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to subscribe her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. Website:

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