Monday, July 05, 2010

2012 is Happening Now

By Mary Ellen Flora

2012 represents the time of a major spiritual transformation. This time of intense change was predicted by many cultures and individuals who studied astrology, astronomy, esoteric information and oral traditions. They also used their clairvoyance, clairaudience, precognition and other spiritual abilities. Unfortunately, most of the information passed on to us is misinterpreted today. The Mayans, who were expert astronomers, Nostradamus and others, recorded most of their information in symbols. The symbols are being translated in strictly physical terms, and so are not providing the full picture to include both physical and spiritual phenomena.

The way many people are interpreting the 2012 information is not true because they do not include the spiritual information, that we are spirit with spiritual abilities. Awareness of our spiritual nature creates a new perspective of the events around 2012. We are spirit, each a spark of the Cosmic Consciousness. We are part of the mass consciousness running planet Earth. Our bodies are our individual vehicles for manifesting our spiritual energy into the material world. The Earth is our larger body. We, the spirit, planned for the present day transformation for a very long time, in human terms. This spiritual transition is affecting all bodies and the entire planet. Our bodies and our planet are responding to our spiritual transformation in many ways.

Many people are afraid because the information is being presented only in physical terms. Our fear is manifesting in stress, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and other disturbances. Even more distressing is the increase in our creativity of the by-products of fear: hate, fury, greed, competition, use of force and other destructive emotions and actions. We are meant to wake up to the fact that we are spirit and in charge of our life, and are responsible for our bodies and our planet. This is intended to be a joyous time of spiritual awakening, not a period of fear and disturbance. We simply need to be aware that we are spirit, we are not our bodies.

A great deal of the interpretation of information about 2012 focuses on physical destruction and death. It does not speak of spiritual and physical transformation. Bodies fear death more than anything else. Most people are body focused, so they get fixated on the possibility of dying, instead of making this spiritual transformation. We are spirit and are eternal, only the bodies die. Everything is our spiritual creation, and we can choose to move through this planetary transformation or to leave the planet during this exciting time. Bodies are mortal and spirit is immortal, thus our bodies are afraid of the vast changes and we, the spirit, are excited and joyous.

We are spirit and do not have fear or death, so when the emphasis is on any emotions or death, there is only a body focus. We need our spiritual perspective to see the purpose of this time of vast internal and external change. Many things, as we know them, are changing. We must change our relationship with time and space, and all of our physical phenomena. We need to develop a new way of seeing ourselves and our world from a spiritual view. We will no longer be able to understand our world from our old physical perspective. It will be like trying to create our lives as adults from a child's point of view.

We are experiencing many changes including climate shifts, which always bring cultural changes. We are also having abrupt changes, such as earthquakes, which require new survival techniques. Humans need a spiritual view to keep up with the demands of our spiritual creativity. The earthquakes in Haiti showed us how quickly we need to act to survive in abrupt changes. This major shift required, and still needs, more action than a war zone. Everyone is rapidly learning new survival techniques, from the villagers in the mountains to governments sending aid. All of the disasters bring loss, but they also provide amazing opportunities for learning and growing.

2012 is now. Earth and our bodies are already responding to the changes in the Cosmic alignment. This is an alignment not seen for around 26,000 years, and it is creating vast change in our planetary system. Everything is energy; thus, all systems are affected. We need our spiritual view and information because the intellect of the body does not have the needed information at this time. Like an abrupt change, this vast shift is demanding fast learning and action. How will humans relate to the changes in time differences, anti-gravity and other accepted physical beliefs?

Learn to meditate; tune in to yourself, the spirit, and you are better able to receive new information to meet the challenges of fast change. See that you are an immortal soul and one of the creators of what we are now experiencing, and your fear will diminish. 2012 is the symbol of spiritual awakening and a time of joy.

For more spiritual information, visit CDM Spiritual Teaching Center at CDM is a modern-day presentation of ancient wisdom. Mary Ellen Flora is the author of 13 books and audios on spiritual topics, the most recent of which is the eBook "Angels Don't Need Wings."

Mary Ellen Flora's books include Healing: Key to Spiritual Balance, Chakras: Key to Spiritual Opening, Second Edition, Clairvoyance: Key to Spiritual Perspective, Male and Female Energies: The Balancing Act (The Energy Series, 3), Earth Energy: The Spiritual Frontier.

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