Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Moon in Gemini - June 12, 2010

By Julianne Dowse

Gemini rules the mind. It is an air sign and as such it has highly developed mind skills which can be used in the positive or negative aspects.

As the energy of this New Moon comes in I feel it gives us an opportunity to reflect upon how we are using our mind and whether it is being a faithful servant (as is its duty) or a tyrant slave-master (as it can be).

Are you using the positive aspects of your mind to love yourself and give yourself the boost that you need so you can soar like an eagle?

Or...are you using the negative aspects of your mind to push you further and further into the darkness and keep your self trapped in victim mentality?

The New Moon allows us to break free, if we choose, and release any self-limiting beliefs we may hold about ourselves, our situation, or the world around us.

As we usher in this New Moon it is only 10 days away from when the sun goes into Cancer and therefore I feel this New Moon is about nurturing ourselves with our mind instead of being a bully.

It is time to let go of, so called, past mistakes, regrets, fears, sorrow and bathe ourselves in feeling joyful and happy and satisfied with 'our lot in life'.

No matter how your life is being created we truly all have something to feel good about - even if it is only that we have breathe in our lungs or food on our plates or shelter or a kind smile...whatever is going on in your life as we embrace this New Moon know that you are where you are right at this moment because your soul chose to put you there.

Take the blessing and move on with a smile on your face and love in your heart - for aren't we all travellers on this same path - together?

If you find yourself 'buying into' the doom and gloom of all things financial - know that you always have a choice to feel the fear or take a breath and know that everything (even whole economies) are part of 'the plan' and everything is truly an act of love. So take a breath, know it's being worked out in ways we could never understand and let you mind rest!

This New Moon gives us an opportunity to see the world differently and free ourselves from any limited mindsets.

Enjoy this New Moon in Gemini. Spend time connecting with friends, writing, emailing, blogging, Facebooking, Twittering...whatever it is that you do to express yourself to others...have some fun and let go of the need to be 'right and perfect'...give it up and let spirit take you far beyond your wildest dreams!

Love and blessings, Julianne xxx
"When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change".
Blessings to: Wayne Dyer

New Moon Ritual.

Julianne Dowse is a gifted tarot reader. She connects intuitively using ancient goddess teachings and her readings are insightful, honest and heartfelt. The guidance and insight come directly from spirit, reading your energy and connecting to your desire to have some answers to help you on your path. Starting her own personal growth story over 25 years ago Julianne has continued to develop and nurture her unique gifts. Julianne's Blog and Website.

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