Monday, June 21, 2010

Astrology Forecast for July 2010 by Thomas Muldoon

A reminder: Aries is ruled by MARS: Taurus is ruled by VENUS: Gemini is ruled by MERCURY: Cancer by the MOON: Leo by the SUN. With Virgo ruled by MERCURY and Libra ruled by VENUS. PLUTO is the ruler of Scorpio: Sagittarius is ruled by JUPITER: Capricorn has SATURN as its ruler with Aquarius being ruled by URANUS and finally NEPTUNE is given rulership over Pisces (the modern rulerships).

Aries: Your ruler is about to pack his bags and leave the land of Leo (phew). He's been there a lot longer than usual and 'ruffled' the feathers of all those Lion Cubs out there. Now for you he's about to enter your solar 6th house of work, employment and health. He'll also come into contact with Venus and Mercury, so look for a new passion or position at work along with some communications from a relative or two - someone you haven't seen or heard of in a long time.

Taurus: Your ruler is entering your 4th and 5th sectors so look forward to some renovations at home, a deep and meaningful dialogue with a parent, along with thoughts of making a will or updating the one you have. A serious start to the month but it ends on a lighter note as a touch of 'romance' comes your way - not a 'one night stand' but something meaningful. Travels to your birthplace or memories of your childhood re-surfacing are on the agenda for many.

Gemini: A little more money (cold hard cash) is coming your way so make sure you buy a few lottery tickets (remember who told you). Increased self worth and an ego boost about how you look will enhance your life some time in July. A few short trips are going to be planned along with a few visits to the theatre, movies or an invitation to a concert! A busy start to the month with a more settled ending where you'll be putting your house in order.

Cancer: Your ruler zaps through the entire zodiac visiting everyone, so let's look at the complimentary association (Saturn) for he'll be visiting your solar 4th and staying a while. Over the coming months there'll be changes to your lifestyle as people come and go - parental issues to be resolved or better understood, along with memories of the past to intrude on the present. If you're interested in Past Lives or Reincarnation this is the month for you.

Leo: Happy Solar Return to all Lion Cubs - life becomes easier from here on as you find your energy returning and becoming more focused - you've had a rough trot with Mars but now it's plain sailing. You'll be tired of talking about your problems and will be ready to start living again - yes...

Virgo: Life is getting a little scary for you 'virgins' - your normal analytical skills don't cut it during this month - let go and let God, for you cannot know or control the moments ahead. Visits to hospitals, places of healing, rehab clinics or, to a country retreat are on agenda for many. Some of you will encounter ghosts from the past or experience strange goings on where you live - things that go bump in the night to scare you!

Libra: You'll come to feel older and more responsible but there's a part of you that wants to run away and disappear - correct? Time to face your fears and insecurities for July is all about listening and not chattering. Talk to a friend about what's worrying you or listen to a friend who'll be downloading a few secrets! Keep away from alcohol, drugs (prescribed or recreational) and you'll come through this period healthier, happier and saner than when you entered.

Scorpio: Your ruler (Pluto) is retrograding (seeming to go backwards). It's time to review all that's been going on in your life these past few months. Time to back up all your data, duplicate your important documents and with the world becoming increasing aware of identity theft - protect yours! Some of you will suffer skin problems, others a panic attack or two! All Scorpio's must learn to communicate more openly.

Sagittarius: Time to be creative, to have a party and plan for something special; your ruler has entered your fun house - enjoy! For those seeking a little romance, this is the month for you - nothing permanent but a boost to your flagging libido nevertheless.

Capricorn: What can I say? Your ruler is leaving the sterile sign of Virgo and into your exalted sign of Libra and your career sector. If you've been wondering where you've been and where you're going, this month of July will see you 'burn a few bridges' and take a step into the future. Be aware, very aware of your public image this month, and if you've got nothing to wear but rags - accessorize.

Aquarius: For the first time in 84 years your ruler has entered Aries and he's going to stir and stimulate your everyday routines. At times you'll feel as though you're in a 'blender' with everything seeming to happen at once and you know you - as a fixed air sign, it's either a feast or famine. Try to keep yourself as organised as possible. And for all those gadgets you have around you - there'll be a break down or two, so keep the instruction manuals handy.

Pisces: Good old Neptune is turning backwards (going retrograde) and making you feel a tad dizzy at times. For some, the month of July is one big daydream! Look after your feet (what else is new) and if you're hitting the shops for some retail therapy - think shoes, boots or footwear. For some, there'll be a friend or two to confide in you their secrets - prepare yourself for a shock.

Numerology and Astrology have been my life and passion for over 30 years. I've been published numerous times and still have something new to offer each time I hit the keyboard - who wants to read the same old same old? I believe if you have a philosophy and no one knows about it, it doesn't mean anything. If you have an idea or insight and tell no one - it's meaningless.

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I look forward to the journey we'll make together.

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