Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Astrology of the Relationship of Sandra Bullock & Jesse James

By Archie Dunlop

Let's get this straight. I'm not interested in Hollywood and I've never seen a film/movie that stars Sandra Bullock. And I'd rather be writing about something else. However I like a challenge, and I can't help noticing that the names of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are all over the news channels. The reason is twofold. First, Sandra Bullock has just received an Oscar for her film The Blind Side. Second, she is apparently having marital difficulties - it is alleged that her husband, Jesse James has had several affairs.

Sandra Bullock was born on July 26 1964, which is why she is a Leo. Every reference to her horoscope that I have found gives her birth time as 3.15 am, so that's the time I'll go with. If she was indeed born at 3.15 am, she has a conjunction between Venus and Mars on the Ascendant. This is something of a two-edged sword. In astrology a Venus-Mars conjunction can have powerful sex appeal, especially when it's rising at the time of birth. And it's certainly a great thing to have if you want to be a Hollywood star.

However, one has to remember that Mars is often a negative influence, and when it's close to the Ascendant it can damage a person's married life - especially if it's also conjunct Venus, the planet of love. So, assuming the 3.15 am birth time is correct, Sandra Bullock has a Mars affliction, known by Indian astrologers as kuja dosa. A person with kuja dosa has to be very careful who they marry, and they should never marry someone just because they feel an instant chemistry with them. Instead, they should choose their marriage partner in a logical way, focusing on long-term stability rather than short-term attraction.

It would now appear that her marriage to motorcycle entrepreneur Jesse James, who was born on April 19 1969, has run into stormy waters. I don't have his time of birth, but he is almost certainly an Aries and not a Taurus - unless he was born very late in the evening.

Well, Aries and Leo often have a strong chemistry, but I can't find any link up between Sandra Bullock and Jesse James' horoscopes that's super-compelling. However, Jesse James does have a favourable aspect between his Venus in Aries and his Mars in Sagittarius, that would give him a certain amount of charisma, and would perhaps give the impression that he is an exciting person to have around.

Though to me, what's really important is the marriage chart - they were married on July 16 2005, apparently at sunset. Assuming they really did marry at sunset, it's a poor horoscope, and I doubt very much that an astrologer was consulted about the timing of the ceremony. For one thing, July 16 2005 was a Saturday. I know that Saturday is a popular day for tying the knot, but it's a day that's ruled by Saturn, and all things being equal it's the most unfortunate day of the week.

Also, the Moon is in Scorpio. Scorpio is not a favourable sign for the Moon to be in, especially as it had already made its last major aspect before entering the following sign of Sagittarius. Finally, there is a conjunction between the Sun and Saturn, in the Seventh House of relationships. This is not good! I don't know what the future holds for Sandra Bullock and Jesse James' marriage, but as far as I'm concerned, things would probably have been easier for the couple if they had chosen a different day and a different time to get married. So, if you yourself are preparing for marriage, I would urge you not to choose a date just because it's convenient, and you should also avoid getting married on a Saturday.

Archie Dunlop is a professional astrologer residing in the UK. He has written books on astrology, and has taught the subject at all levels. In his work he uses both Eastern and Western techniques, and he has a particular interest in politics and economics. To get an idea of Archie's approach to astrology, and to read his regular commentary, you can visit his website, at

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